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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for March 6, 2011

by Paul Slavens 6 Mar 2011 7:20 PM

This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Make sure and leave a link to where the music can be found or purchased.


Good evening.
Gorgeous night, isnt it?
Lets listen to some great music! This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Make sure and leave a link to where the music can be found or purchased.
New to me this week:
Kurt Elling
Victor Feore
AA Bondy
DJ Afro

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Jónsi, “Go Do,” Go
Bosque Brown, “Train Song,” Baby
Sleigh Bells, “Run The Heart,” Treats
Buck Owens, “My Heart Skips a Beat,” 21 #1 Hits: The Ultimate Collection
Brazilian Girls, “Noveau Americain,” New York City
Whiskey Folk Ramblers, “Horrors In The Kitchen,” … And There Are Devils
Doug Burr, “A Thousand May Fall,” The Shawl
Feist, “Sea Lion Woman,” The Reminder
Kraftwerk, “It’s More Fun To Compute,” Computer World
Broadcast, “Subject To The Ladder,” Tender Buttons
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, “Pretty Purple Top Hat,” Family Family Family Meets the Magic Christian
Other Lives, “Paper Cities,” Other Lives
The Dead Weather, “So Far From Your Weapon,” Horehound
A.A. Bondy, “On The Moon,” When The Devil’s Loose
DJ Afro, “Free,” Free

  • Paul Slavens

    I am here and ready to hear your transmission of musical magic.

  • Brandi

    how about Corn Mo? of since you mentioned transmission how about Joy Division’s “Transmission”? thank you

  • Of course I keep my memberships up to date but with an opening like that how can I help but slide another 50 to support the show w/o a playlist 😉

    oh, and I’ll 2nd the Joy Division nomination.

  • Paul Slavens

    muchos gracias Bill
    Brandi, I couldnt find the Corn Mo for this week
    but hopefully I will see him this week and get something new from him

  • oh snap. I said to not send a tote bag etc. but it would be great to get a copy of your CD.

  • Brandi

    Cool. Thanks. I can’t go to his show on Fri., but I hope he and his .357 Lover (love that band name, and there is one performing at the 35 Conferette called Japanther? Fun band name) have fun and bring down the house! Love it when he covers Bon Jovi and sings his Epilady song.

  • Regan

    Made a contribution on the website. I want a slurpee.

  • JeffT

    Hey Paul. I’d really love to hear some Seastroke

  • Paul Slavens

    you will get that copy my friend

  • Paul Slavens

    ummm, you can take the CD of my music that I will send you and try to sell it for enough money for a slurpee. Good luck.

  • Mark Scruggs

    Paul, I joined several days and your show was a primary reason. I first joined public radio when the signal turned on and you are carrying on the music edge that was established then. I especially remember Dennis Gonzales’ show – the longest running show on KERA – and you are continuing in the vein. So count my continuing membership in your tally. I would really like to hear your CD.

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks man, I appreciate that, I definitely have always wanted to feel like I was continuing that tradition, which is what got me hooked on KERA all those years ago.

  • Right there with ya Mark. You know what would be good? To hear some Ten Hands from back in the day. Maybe “What is a man?” All I’ve got is a really crummy mp3 and I’ll bet we know someone who could play us a good copy…

  • JeffT

    Okay, if not Seastroke, then James Blake

  • J.C.

    I recently heard the story of where David Byrne got his inspiration for the song Radiohead. I found it here

    Pretty interesting stuff I think. So thats my request, Radiohead by the Talking Heads.

  • Great Fort Worth-Denton band that recently broke up from a couple-a years ago, Tame … Tame and Quiet. The killer-est song is “Blank Checks on Clean Slates.”

    Helpful linkage?

    Your listeners will love it, though I’m sure as an indie aficionado you’ve probably played it already during your duration.

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks yall
    I preproduce the music portion of the show at home during the week
    so I cant play stuff during the show, but I will get it on next week if I can.

  • deano

    I think we should play King’s X. at your discretion. pleiades comes to mind. great ’90s rock.

  • deano

    okay I missed my time. Cement Truck. Cement Truck. Cant get on you cant get off cement truck.

  • TheWellDressedMan

    Love hearing you play Other Lives

    Here’s some ideas:

    King’s X would be great. “Legal Kill” and “Faith, Hope, Love”, “She’s Gone”. Heavy tones, somewhat prog-rock vibe but with pop sensibilities and nearly Beatlesque harmonies.

    Greg Laswell. He’s a San Diego guy who now lives in New York. “Lie To Me”, “How The Day Sounds”, “Sing, Teresa Says”

    Avett Brothers… “I And Love And You” off the album of the same name.

  • Thought I’d send some music recommendations your way!

    An Artist’s Song- Lost in the Trees

    Curs in the Weeds- Horse Feathers

    Cold Fusion (Snakes)- Chris Bathgate

    I Could Be Nothing- Great Lake Swimmers

    Really, any and everything by Blind Pilot.

    And, if you’re not already aware, everything on

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks so much to all who listened , blogged and supported the station.

  • Brandi

    yes Ten Hands would be great. I still have an old CD somewhere. Or Billy Goat would be wonderful, too. Still remember them performing “Everybody, everybody.. take your clothes off” at Rick’s in Denton gosh, more than a decade ago. or UFOFU? am dating myself now.

  • 930 Friday 3/11, and the song has once again made it’s prophecy tragically true.;( “The earth is gonna split, Tsunami’s gonna hit!”
    When I was selling books down around Deep Elem in ’88-’89, your band made my ecstatic dancing blissful and thought provoking. that line always knocked me out with power & anxiety if it ever were to Hit… Today the tv(godbox) has shown Japanese chaos, and your singsong voice echoes in my head…22 years later! Thanks Paul. Thanks for your great Artistic Creativity, and prophetic lyrics. Lets send Loving Kindness & Compassion to all those unfortunates in the Far East.
    Love, brendan

  • Hi Paul

    Can you play some Primus on Sunday’s show? Thanks