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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 14 Feb 2011 7:45 AM

Today in the roundup: KODO Drummers invade Dallas, Bonnie Pitman helps out the Met and a North Texas singer on the verge.


BEAT FROM THE EAST: On Thursday, a trip to the Winspear Opera House will include a trip to Japan. The KODO Drummers from Sado, Japan, will perform a concert featuring a style of drumming known as taiko. So for those of us unfamiliar with taiko, what can we expect? That’s what asked Jun Akimoto of KODO’s management team. “Wherever we bring the sound of our drums, we try to connect with people and make them part of our community,” Akimoto says. “So it’s pretty much the same thing everywhere. There’s no language onstage except singing.”

PAGING BONNIE: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is trying to modernize its museum experience. To that end, it is equipping the entire museum with Wi-Fi so that visitors can access information about the art and take virtual tours of the museum. Sound familiar? Since the Dallas Museum of Art has been exploring that idea for about two years now, the Met brought in DMA director Bonnie Pitman to consult. Find out more about what the Met is planning at

BREAKING BIG: North Texas soprano Ava Pine was nominated for a best opera recording Grammy last night for her take on Hasse’s opera Antonio e Cleopatra. She didn’t end up winning, but the nomination is a sign that her career is on the upward tick. “I was a late bloomer as far as opera goes,” she tells in a Q&A. “Usually, by the time a soprano is in her 20s, she has built a resume of summer programs and apprenticeships. I was still singing at the church.”