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The Paul Slavens Show: Jan. 30, 2011 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 30 Jan 2011 7:41 PM

Well its a big week …for me. My favorite band is coming to town Wednesday night and I have some tickets to give away. Deerhoof is going to play the Loft and I will be giving away tix here ! A first for me, but hopefully not a last.


Hi there.
Well its a big week …for me. My favorite band is coming to town Wednesday night and I have some tickets to give away. Deerhoof is going to play the Loft and I will be giving away tix here ! A first for me, but hopefully not a last.
BTW this is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Make sure to leave a link if you can.
New to me this week:
Joe Meek
Evan Weiss
British Sea Power

Deerhoof – Milk Man – Milk Man
The Bad Plus – Never Stop – Never Stop
Centro-Matic – The Fugitives Have Won – Fort Recovery
Joe Meek And The Blue Men – I Hear A New World – I Hear A New World –
David Dondero – Number Zero with a Bullet – # Zero With A Bullet –
Cotton Jones – Gotta Cheer Up – Paranoid Cocoon
Boards Of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun – Music Has The Right To

Eaton Lake Tonics – Monty and Lettie (Version 3) – Rancho Folly IV
Rodrigo Y Gabriela – Triveni
Jesca Hoop – Murder Of Birds – Hunting My Dress
Nilsson – Caroline – All Time Greatest Hits
The Beach Boys – “Cool – Cool Water- The Warmth Of The Sun
Basia Bulat – The Shore – Heart Of My Own
Scott Walker – My Death – Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel

Yann Tiersen – Déjà Loin (Live) – C’était Ici
Mavis Staples – I Belong To The Band – You Are Not Alone
Evan Weiss – Left Of Center – Math Or Magic
Leon Russell – Out In The Woods – Retrospective
FUR – Black Castles – Witches
Wanda Jackson – Rum And Coca-Cola – The Party Ain’t Over
Otis Redding – Cigarettes and Coffee ( LP Version ) – Pure Southern Soul
Wilmoth Houdini – Gin and Cocoanut Water – Rum and Coca-Cola
Abigail Washburn – Corner Girl – City of Refuge
Leadbelly – Midnight Special – Best of Leadbelly
Deerhoof – After The Deluge – THe Runners Four
Yann Tiersen-Shannon Wright – Dragon fly – Yann Tiersen-Shannon Wright
DJ Spooky – Secret Song – The Secret Song –
British Sea Power – Baby – Valhalla Dancehall

  • Paul Slavens

    who will be first?

  • Bryce

    I’d love the Deerhoof tix! 🙂

  • Stuart


  • Rebecca Stokley

    Hello there! I’m loving tonight’s show 🙂 AND I love The Deerhunter 🙂

  • fred

    my sunday evening is never complete without this show!

  • Kevin D. Brown


  • Rebecca Stokley

    Oops lol Deerhoof..I’m checking them out right now


  • Jamie

    Thanks Paul!

  • Rebecca Stokley

    I guess pure fanatics deserve it more!!

  • Paul Slavens

    looks like Bryce is the first one this time
    Bryce, send me your name phone number to [email protected]

  • Paul Slavens

    stay tuned, there will be MORE

  • Robert

    Paul, your show is the best thing goin in the local radio scene. Keep up the excellent work … And I’d love to see Deerhoof, too!!!

  • Kevin D. Brown

    OLD: Canned Heat’s version of Charlie Patton’s (the father of Mississippi blues) “Shake it Don’t Break It”

    I’ll send ’em to you…

    NEW: The new Cage the Elephant record… Came out about the same time as the new British Sea Power, i think.

  • Paul Slavens

    cool, those both sound good Kev

    thanks robert, you are in the random drawing for tix, make sure to check back and see if you won

  • David C

    Deerhoof vs Evil is friggin’ sweet. I recommend the second track “Behold a Marvel in Darkness”.

    Loving the tracks tonight. Joe Meek, and what sounds like Max Richter.

    Some more: Moodymann’s Mahogani 9000 for some Deep House goodness. Luciano Ciliio’s “Secondo Quadro Da ‘Dialoghi Dal Presente'” for solemn, melancholic reflection.

    Thanks for the show and rock on

  • David C

    Boards of Canada it was. Close 😀

  • Robert

    “Rodgab” always blows my mind! Good choice!

  • Russell

    Dr. Paul,

    The music always sounds better when you spin it. The context of Paul is one powerfully enjoyable arena.

  • What’s all this about Deerhoof tickets? Seriously, great band. I have maybe 7 or so albums by them. A while back I listened to ever song on my mp3 player in alphabetical order (almost 5400 songs), and afterwards my dad asked me, “Did you learn anything?”; I said, “Two things: one, I have nigh infinite patience, two, Deerhoof has the catchiest riffs of all time.”

  • Paul Slavens

    cant wait to hear the new CD !
    will prolly buy it at the show and try to get it signed

  • Paul Slavens

    remember all who have logged on to the blog will be in the hat for a drawing of tix. make sure you check back tommorow to see if you won.

  • T.L.

    I’m a 53 year old into punk, atmosphere, electronica, Americana, and everything else. I’d love to see Deerhoof! How about some tickets?

    Great show!

  • Sarita

    Hooray! Another great night o’Slavens.

  • Emily

    Paul your show is always fabulous… I would love to hear anything old by Roxanne Shante or at the other end of the musical spectrum some Zydeco by Queen Ida and Her Zydeco Band.
    Thank you for always introducing me to great music!

  • I was wondering if you ever checked out Kind of Bloop: an 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. I remember mentioning in on here quite some time ago. The version of “Blue In Green” by Sergeeo is short enough to play on the show, and the whole album is only $5!

  • Paul,

    A few weeks back you presided over what I regard as a damn-near-perfect evening, due not in the least to the fact you played a number of my requests from previous weeks, including a particular seldom-heard favorite of mine, an early Marvin Gaye song, “Ain’t That Peculiar”. And while I could do with a reprise of that, I could also wax satisfied if I were to hear “Easy to Slip” by Little Feat; something from Shivaree off of “I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in this Dump”; or maybe an instrumental piece from Louisiana electric slide-guitar maestro Sonny Landreth.

    I’ll try to get back to you soon with specific links to the noted pieces, to make it easier for you.

    All my best,
    Ed P.

  • Irl


  • This Mavis Staples playing right now is terrific!

  • Re: “.” by Irl, well said my man – well said.

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks Ed
    as always

  • Richard

    Hey Paul
    There is a fantastic band from Japan called the Tenniscoats who deserve to be heard everywhere. Also, Satomi of Deerhoof and Saya of Tenniscoats have recorded together under the name Oneone. I believe they went to school together, even. Any of those recordings are lovely. Tenniscoats also collaborated with the Pastels.
    thanks for everything

  • Paul Slavens

    I think I have heard of that Bloop album
    but I will get after it again

  • Russell

    Thanks for the Leon … excellent choice. Some Gurf Morlix would be nice, too (“Drums from New Orleans” perhaps)

  • Matt In The Hatt

    Chicken Man.

  • Kidd, Kelly

    HOT DAMN!!! Found ya! Suhweet… Didnt even know bout this and it’s cool and I’ll be back.

  • Michael Selz

    Love Deerhoof! I am “older” and they actually remind me of some of the prog bands I listed to in late 70s, early 80s. Hatfield and the North, Egg, etc. Saw them at one of the last shows at Gypsy before they closed. And I loved what you played by them around 8pm tonight. I will be at the show for sure. And I’d love tickets if you still have any. Thanks Paul!

  • Matt In The Hatt

    @ed p

    Little Feat played all the time here – can it be Easy To Slip not in rotation? Hmm.

  • Kidd, Kelly

    Bit confused still though… where Tiersen?

  • Ryan

    Ahhh Deerhoof, there getting so close to Dallas I can smell them

  • Dennis

    I love this show! I dislike when I don’t get to comment about the great job Paul does! I can’t think of a song by name to request, but if you know of a song that talks about being infatuated with a girl, that you have known since high school, but she does not feel the same way, and it makes you feel sad… Please play that song. I am just gonna go back to eating dinner.
    Paul you rule!

  • Matt In The Hatt

    Paul has affinity for the rhyming couplet.

  • Dennis

    Thank you, Paul! This song is perfect!

  • TIERSEN!! Where’s all my comments man?

  • Regan

    Crispin Glover- Clowny Clown Clown
    Bad Livers – Anna Lee

  • spencer

    Let us hear some amon duul ii

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks yall
    make sure to check back tomorow to see who won tickets
    we will ask for your contact info

  • Matt in the Hatt: “rotation” where – KXT?

  • Dana

    I always love this show so much, I hate to even request. But here I go:

    Anything from the Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Johnny Mercer Songbook or “Everything Is” by Neutral Milk Hotel (a 45, haven’t heard it in years).

  • Irl

    Don’t know why that didn’t post…. Just wanted to say thanks Paul for doing the show

  • Paul Slavens

    Thanks again everyone, hope to see some of you at the concert
    please make sure and check back in to see if you won
    I will post winners names here
    hopefully we have your email from the blog logon
    but if not, like I said, check back here
    thanks so much everyone

  • Joanna

    Can I go to see them? Would you ever play some

    That’s Jill Sobule, Resistance Song.

  • kelly kidd

    well, what I was able to catch of the show tonight was AWESOME! (usually is though) most def gonna pass the word. Thanks Paul!

  • Mark Lee

    hello paul. check into tim fite, brooklyn’s iconoclastic tunesmith who records on anti records (tom waits does too). not all is suitable for airplay, but enjoy “jobs” and ” we didn’t warn you” from his latest, “under the table tennis.” stream a bunch for free at

  • Brandi

    Is it too late to get Deerhoof tickets? Can you please play “Waiting For The Great Leap Forward?” by Billy Bragg, or his wonderful song “New England”? Can someone please play The The? That band was wonderful in their hey day. Something like “Giant” or “Uncertain Smile” off of the album “Soul Mining” would be great. Thanks for the music and thanks for playing Centro-Matic.

  • paul slavens

    Michael Selz
    and Bryce
    were the selected winners
    you should all get an email from me today
    I would love to hear confirmation that you can go
    if not we will pick someone else
    thanks yall, see you next week unless I see you at the show !

  • I don’t know whether you will get this first or whether you will check your email first, but I will not be able to make it due to the weather. Please give my tickets to someone else. This is so disappointing for me since the show will be the day before my birthday. 🙁

  • Brandi

    thank you for the tickets! have fun and be safe on the icy roads