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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 29 Dec 2010 8:02 AM

Today in the roundup: Questioning social media’s place in a museum, plus more of the year in local theater.


THE YEAR IN THEATER, PART II: On Tuesday, we directed you to Mark Lowry’s dfw.com rundown of the best Fort Worth theater productions for 2010. Since then, Mark’s cast off his dfw.com hat and put on his Theater Jones one to give us his list of the top 20 shows in North Texas. And as it turns out, the best show in Fort Worth was actually the best show period.

THE YEAR IN THEATER, PART III: Believe it or not, Mark’s not the only local theater critic who likes lists. Lawson Taitte also saw his fair share of shows in 2010, and he lines up his favorites on dallasnews.com. Everything on his list was produced east of 360, with the Dallas Theater Center’s The Beauty Plays taking top honors. No argument here. UPDATE: And now we’ve got Alexandra Bonifield’s Top 10 theater productions to add to the conversation.

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT: What’s the benefit of social media to a museum? Almost all of our major local museums have blogs at this point. And the Dallas Museum of Art has experimented with a smart phone app for more than a year. But do these tools offer a deeper connection to art, or do they actually get in the way? Arianna Huffington – Ms. New Media – actually finds herself leaning toward less social media at the museum. “The danger of social media becoming the point of social media — connection for connection’s sake, connection to no end — is one museum’s need to particularly guard against,” she writes on her namesake site. “Reducing the museum experience to more apps providing more data is just as laughable as reducing the experience of going to church down to parishioners tweeting: ‘At church, pastor just mentioned loaves and fishes, anyone have some sushi recs for later?'”