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The Paul Slavens Show:Live Blog December 5 2010

by Paul Slavens 5 Dec 2010 8:00 PM

It’s Sunday night…time to chat with Paul Slavens during his show on KXT 91.7


Good evening and welcome to the blog/show.
Here is where you can leave your polite thoughts and lucid thoughts.
Also leave suggestions for music for the show. I love hearing about new stuff, little known and little heard music. Leave a link if you can to where the music can be purchased.
new to me this week:
Laura Marling
Hank Mobley
Freelance Whales
Frightened Rabbit

8 p.m.

Pomplamoose – Beat the Horse – Pomplamoose VideoSongs

Antonio Carlos Jobim – Insensatez (How Insensitive) – The Composer Of “” Desafinado”” – Plays

Arcade Fire – Rococo – The Suburbs

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Cornbread And Butterbeans – Genuine Negro Jig

Leonard Cohen – Bird on a Wire – Songs From a Room

Laura Veirs – Silo Song – July Flame

DJ Shadow – Midnight In A Perfect World – Endtroducing

The Pipkins – Gimme Dat Ding – British Invasion

Jónsi – Sinking Friendships – Go

Laura Marling – Alpha Shallows – I Speak Because I Can

Hank Mobley – Split Feelin’s – Soul Station

The Roots – Dear God 2.0 – How I Got Over

Lisa Markley – One Word – One Word

Robert Plant – Ship Of Fools (2006 Remastered LP Version) – Now And Ze

9 p.m.
Phil Harris Orchestra – Shadrack – RCA Victor 78 rpm transfer
Freelance Whales – Generator Second Floor – Weathervanes
Thin Lizzy – Warriors – Jailbreak
The Barry Sisters – Dem Neyem Sher (The New Sher) – Their Greatest Yiddish Hits
Bridges & Blinking Lights – Home Free – Heroes – Guns & Snakes
Dirty Projectors – Two Doves – Bitte Orca
George Jones – White Lightning – White Lightning
Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land – Swim Until You Can’t See Land
John Grant – Sigourney Weaver – Queen of Denmark
Ellen Allien & Apparat – Sleepless – Orchestra Of Bubbles
doug burr – A Thousand May Fall – the shawl
Can – Vitamin C – Ege Bamyasi
Birds & Batteries – Panorama – Panorama
Os Mutantes – Baby – Everything is Possible
Willie Nelson – Darkness On The Face Of The Earth – Countryman
Pixies – Distance Equals Rate Times Time – Trompe Le Monde
  • Paul Slavens

    Hello to one and all
    leave me a message with some music ideas in it

  • Barbara Miller

    Hi Paul,

    Love your show. I just found out about this Dutch singer named Caro Emerald. She has a great voice and the songs bring you back to the 40’s and 50’s. I would love to hear some music from her.


  • Paul Slavens

    I will check it out
    she is bigger than Michael Jackson in Denmark!
    thanks a bunch

  • I’m drinking Pinot Grigio and shopping the Internet for my holiday gifts – a transcendent experience!
    You know what I’d LOVE to hear? Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra sing “Well Did You Evah”. Barring that, whatever you think sounds like good drinking, surfing, and shopping music.

  • Paul Slavens

    I would love to play that track
    I will get it on next week, for sure
    thanks a bunch

  • Webster Miller

    Hello Paul,

    Last weeks show was great, so back again. How about Social Distortion’s “Story of my Life” or Cream’s “Born Under a Bad Sign” or The Band’s “The Weight”

  • Paul Slavens

    those all sound plausible
    tune in next week

  • paul

    I was looking at ReverbNation and found a singer/songwriter in Nashville named Amy Courts. Her song “the liars” is really good material. Her web site is

    Thanks for playing music outside the box.

  • Reg

    Elliott Smith- Needle in the Hay
    Devo- What we do

  • Steven Pinker’s Awesome Hair

    It’s the most Frank Zappa time of the year
    With poor drowning witches
    And Warren’s black britches
    And Titties & Beer
    It’s the most Frank Zappa time of the year.

  • Paul Slavens

    First time in 6 years I havent aired my Zappa hour long tribute show. : (
    I will give FZ some love around his birthday time.

  • claire

    I would like to hear Cynthia G Mason’s cover of Richard Buckner’s Surprise, AZ

  • En route to Hailey’s, and I’d love to hear some Sundress, to whet my appetite for tonight’s show.

  • Steven Pinker’s Awesome Hair

    Allow (or disallow, if you prefer) me to suggest a whole buncha FZ tunes that don’t get aired frequently. Feel free to ignore any and all.

    NOTE: The 6-minute rule makes this rather difficult!

    Twenty Small Cigars (Chunga’s Revenge)
    Put a Motor in Yourself (Civilization Phaze 3)
    Who Are the Brain Police? (Freak Out)
    Little Umbrellas (Hot Rats)
    A Token of My Extreme (Joe’s Garage)
    Cheepnis (Roxy & Elsewhere — include the monster movie commentary!)
    Echidna’s Arf (Roxy)
    What’s New in Baltimore? (FZ Meets the Mothers of Prevention)
    Night School (Jazz From Hell)
    Andy (One Size Fits All)
    Duke of Prunes (Orchestral Favorites **OR** Läther)

    Now back to your regularly-scheduled whatzis.

  • Paul Slavens

    I guess I should reiterate that I cant play requests the night they are suggested, I put all the music together during the week.
    But you will all get first consideration when I pick music during the week.

  • Steven Pinker’s Awesome Hair

    There is STILL not nearly enough Paul Slavens music played on this show. It’s almost as though the host has a personal vendetta against him or something. >:(

  • Paul Slavens

    its my show and I only play high quality stuff

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks as always for the suggestions

  • Hi Paul

    I’m wandering if you can play some King Crimson’s “In The Court Of The Crimson King”?