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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 1 Dec 2010 8:06 AM

Today in the roundup: The Super Bowl needs volunteers, improving your vocabulary and the countdown begins.


HIT THE FIELD: The NFL is looking for volunteers to help out with the Super Bowl halftime show. If you’re picked, you’ll help run the stage on and off the field. Whether or not you’ll play one of the fans who will no doubt ecstatically jump up and down during the Black Eyed Peas performance is a little unclear. Preston Jones of dfw.com has the deets.

GRAB A DICTIONARY: Looking for an endless time killer that will also make you smarter? Head over to savethewords.org. The simple setup has you scrolling over words nobody uses anymore. When you find one that looks interesting, click on it to read the definition and a funny example of it used in a sentence. One of my favorites: “jobler – one who does small jobs.” And the sentence: “To celebrate my pathetic pay raise, I’m going out to drink with some joblers.”

BEST OF 2010: DC9 at Night has begun its yearly countdown of the Best Songs in Dallas Music. The list began Monday with Damaged Good$’ “WEHATEDAMAGEDGOOD$TOO” at No. 25. Then yesterday, the Burning Hotels’ “Austin’s Birthday” checked in at No. 24. I’ll wager that if you head back later today you can find out which song lands at No. 23.