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Makerspace Open House This Weekend

by Anne Bothwell 19 Nov 2010 4:09 PM

Wanna see some robots? That and much more at Makerspace open house tomorrow.


Remember Pecha Kucha, most recently at the Wyly? The evening of short presentations about ideas and projects bubbling up around North Texas? Well, one of the more interesting folks in a lineup that was all-around pretty darn interesting was Steve Rainwater, self-described geek (or maybe he said nerd, I know there’s a difference), who has been working with others to create Makerspace – a place  for artists, engineers, and other people who make things to pool their resources and  pursue cool projects.

Comes word that Makerspace is having an open house tomorrow.  Lots of demonstrations and displays, from robots to vintage cameras, recycling plastic bags into sewable fabric,  heck – just read the list. All of it being made, experimented with right here in our backyard.