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The Paul Slavens Show: November 14 2010 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 14 Nov 2010 7:52 PM

This is where you can communicate with me and other listeners. Leave your polite comments
and interesting suggestions for music.


Good evening and welcome.

This is where you can communicate with me and other listeners.  Leave your polite comments
and interesting suggestions for music.  Leave a link, if you can, so we can buy it or at least check it out.

New to me this week:
The Tallest Man On Earth
Budos Band
Freddy King
Burt Kaempfert

Tonight’s playlist:
Frank Zappa,  “Peaches En Regalia,” Hot Rats
Imogen Heap, “Little Bird,” Ellipse
Medeski Martin & Wood,  “Chinoiserie” (Album Version), Friday Afternoon
In The Universe

RJD2,  “1976,” Since We Last Spoke: Deluxe
Jethro Tull, “Bouree” (2001 Digital Remaster), Stand Up
The Tallest Man On Earth, “Like the Wheel,” Sometimes The Blues Is Just
A Passing Bird

The Budos Band,  “Rite of the Ancients,” The Budos Band III
 Steve Morse, “Mood For A Day,” Tales From Yesterday – A View From The
South Side Of The Sky

Procol Harum,  “Repent Walpurgis,” Greatest Hits: Procol Harum
Roxy Music,  “Ladytron,” Roxy Music
Freddy King,  “Hide Away,” 22 Original R&B Recordings
The Beach Boys,  “Let’s Go Away For Awhile” (The Stereo Mix) (1996 Digital
Remaster), Pet Sounds 40th Anniversary Stereo Digital
Solex vs Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer,  “Don’t Hold Back,” Amsterdam
Throwdown –  King Street Showdown!

St. Petersburg Radio Symphony Orchestra,  “The Carnival of the Animals:
Aquarium,” The 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music
Brian Eno, “2 Forms Of Anger,” Small Craft On A Milk Sea
Flaming Lips,  “The Spiderbite Song,” The Soft Bulletin
Jerry Lee Lewis,  “Highschool Confidential,” The Definitive Collection
Colleen,  “This Place in Time,” Les Ondes Silencieuses
PJ Harvey, “Grow Grow Grow,” White Chalk
Daniel Folmer,  “World So Full Of Love,” Danny Rush and the Designated
Bert Kaempfert,  “That Happy Feeling,” Swinging Safari
Victoire, “I Am Coming For My Things,” Cathedral City
The Monks,  “Nice Legs Shame About Her Face, “ Bad Habits
Billy Strayhorn,  “Chelsea Bridge,” The Peaceful Side
Spoon, “My Little Japanese Cigarette Case,” Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Gotan Project,  “Chunga’s Revenge,” La Revancha Del Tango
John Lee Hooker,  “Tupelo Blues,” The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker
Andy Summers,  “Earth & Sky,” The X Tracks
Regina Spektor,  “Ghost Of Corporate Future” (Album Version), Soviet Kitsch
Mahavishnu Orchestra, “Thousand Island Park,” Birds Of Fire

  • paul slavens

    Heigh ho.
    Lets go.
    I need some fresh suggestions for music to check out!

  • miguelito

    A song worth checking out:
    Over the Land Over the Sea – Hood (Album – The Lost You)

  • Gregor

    I’m listening, Paul. Thank you for The Beach Boys!

  • Ed in Arlington

    Liked that dobro/steel-guitar piece a couple of songs sgo.

  • paul slavens

    nice to have you along tonite, maybe everybody is celebrating the Cowboys !!

  • Ed in Arlington

    The Freddie King piece was good to hear too.

  • Chris

    Hey Paul,

    I’d like to hear the humoresque from Shostakovich’s string quartet no. 11. I’d also like to hear some CAN, or maybe Oxes. Keep up the good work!

  • Cass

    I’m here!!! Good call with the Lips…

    Have you heard the Janelle Monae song featuring Saul Williams entitled “Dance or Die”? Are you familiar with Saul Williams??

    I’ve been digging on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Kills, Joan Jett, Josh Ritter, The Kinks, La Roux, Lissie, M.I.A and MGMT this week…

  • Ed in Arlington

    The Polish modernist composer Gorecki died this past week – how about something from him next time (this cello piece you’re playing now reminded me of him)?

  • Chris

    The last thing you played makes me want to hear some Dirty Three also.

  • Chris

    Second the Gorecki.

  • Marci

    Love the instrumentals. Do this any time. The middle song from that last set sounded an aweful lot like the music from the movie Coraline. Anything from that soundtrack is divinely dark.

  • paul slavens

    Thanks so much for these great ideas!
    glad you are diggin the tunes

  • Gregor

    BTW, that Bert Kaempfert track, along with another one of his titled “A Swingin’ Safari”, are both on the soundtrack of “Mary And Max”, an Australian claymation film I highly recommend.

  • Sarah

    Please play:
    Oxygen by Willy Mason, Edge of the Moon by Xavier Rudd or Jerusalem by Dan Bern.
    If you can’t play that please consider something by the Black Keys: Have Love, I’ll Travel.
    What about the something off Beastie Boy’s album The Mixup
    Also Fireworks by Animal Collective would be nice right now.

    <3 the show.

  • Julia

    Belle and Sabastian: Write About Love feat. Carey Mulligan (Actress)

    Joanna Newsom: Sprout and the Bean

    Want to know the first one better (big fan of Mulligan’s) and love the second one.


  • Ron Bulla
  • paul slavens

    keep em coming,
    this is great

  • Julia

    Also something dark and awesome: Dark Letter from The Skeleton Key Soundtrack.

  • Julia

    Sorry. DEATH Letter

  • Gregor

    Anything by The National.

  • Sarah

    Oh, I also think you’d dig The Secret Machines. May i suggest The Road Led Where It’s Lead or their cover of Money (That’s What I Want).

  • paul slavens

    thanks you all
    I will get on this wonderful list for next week