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Free Screening: 127 Hours

by Stephen Becker 4 Nov 2010 4:22 PM

Click through to learn how you can see James Franco cut his arm off for free!


Photo: Fox Searchlight

If you haven’t yet heard of 127 Hours, you’ve probably at least heard of “The Movie Where James Franco Cuts His Arm Off.” Either way, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll eventually be hearing the movie referred to as “Best Picture Nominee 127 Hours.”

In the film, Franco plays Aron Ralston, the hiker who literally got his arm caught between a rock and a hard place, and, well, you know how that worked out for him. But early reviews say there’s much more to the movie than that. And, being a loyal Art&Seek reader, you’ve got a chance to see the movie in advance of its local release.

The screening will be held on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. All you have to do is go here and print off your pass. Enter “ARTSEEGFG9” as the promo code. A word to the wise – if you really, really, absolutely must see the movie – get there early. Seats are first come, first served, and I can promise you you won’t be the only one in line.

In related news, Outdoor magazine is asking readers to submit their own life-changing experiences that happened in the great outdoors. A future issue will feature 126 of them, plus Aron Ralston’s movie-spawning moment. If yours gets picked, some handy outdoor equipment will be headed your way.