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How Much Money Did Art Con Raise This Year? Hint: Lots

by Anne Bothwell 1 Nov 2010 3:25 PM

Today Marks the Beginning will receive its single largest donation ever, thanks to ArtCon supporters. Plus a new video from Cindy Chaffin wrapping up the event.


The tally is in: The all-volunteer “street level philanthropy” that is Art Conspiracy raised $30,000 at its event on Oct. 23. The money goes to this year’s beneficiary, Today Marks the Beginning. It’s the largest single donation the group, which uses art to teach children about conflict resolution and peace, has received. And it’s about $10,000 more than ArtCon raised last year.

“This money will allow us to bring our MasterPEACE programming to hundreds of Dallas children, and we are incredibly grateful for that,” says Karen Blessen, Today Marks the Beginning co-founder.

Every year, Art Conspiracy chooses a different non profit arts-related beneficiary. The benefit has raised $110,000 for groups such as Resolana, Preservation LINK and La Reunion, TX. About 1,500 people, including bands and volunteers, attended this year’s event. That’s down a bit from last year’s tally of  2,200.

Along with the good news, we bring you Cindy Chaffin’s wrap-up video of the evening. Enjoy and find ArtCon’s press release after the jump.

Art Conspiracy Will Give $30,000 to Today Marks the Beginning
Art Conspiracy is excited to announce that it will be able to donate $30,000 to our 2010 beneficiary, Today Marks the Beginning. TMtB will use this money to help bolster their MasterPEACE program which uses art to impact awareness of social issues and teach children about non-violence.
“All of us in Today Marks the Beginning are ecstatic about the news that we will receive a check for $30,000 from Art Conspiracy! This is the largest single donation that we have received in the history of our organization,” says Karen Blessen, co-founder, Today Marks the Beginning.
Blessen went on to say, “This money will allow us to bring our MasterPEACE programming to hundreds of Dallas children, and we are incredibly grateful for that. Additionally, I am left with an enormous optimism about the combined power of positive creativity and community. Major kudos and hats off to Art Conspiracy, all the contributing artists, and the volunteers!”
Over 120 artists created artwork for the October 23rd
Since 2005, Art Conspiracy has raised over $110,000 for groups including: event and dozens and dozens of volunteers did everything from selling t-shirts to building the stage to taking out trash. Art Conspiracy is equal parts community event and fundraiser that supports a new Dallas-area creative beneficiary each year.
• Resolana, a group that provides rehabilitative arts programming for women in the Dallas County Jail
• Preservation LINK, an organization that teaches audio and visual media to students in South Dallas and Fair Park
• La Reunion TX, an artist residency in the making in Dallas
• St. Anthony Community Center, a center that offers visual art, music and dance to more than 800 children in South Dallas.
About Art Conspiracy
Art Conspiracy is street level philanthropy. Members of the creative community in North Texas pool their talents to create bi-annual fundraising events that support other nonprofit arts programs. Art Conspiracy events are designed to be affordable and offer everyone a chance to purchase original artwork at a reasonable level. Art Conspiracy is a 501c3 organization with IRS nonprofit status (so your donations are tax deductible!) More information is available at:
For more information contact cari@artconspiracy.