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Slideshow: Do You Know These Con Artists?

by Anne Bothwell 25 Oct 2010 12:23 PM

Help us identify these Con Artists. Plus the who and how of the Con Artist Gallery at Art Conspiracy. And what’s going to happen to all that artwork?


Art&Seek sure had ourselves a time Saturday night. For the second year, we asked folks to take a break from the bands and the art auction at Art Conspiracy and make a piece of rapid art at our creation station and then hang it in the Con Artist Gallery.

It’s amazing what people can do with a few sheets of paper, googly eyes, a glitter pen and an old pin-up shot of Wishbone we found back at the station.

More important, it’s plain fun to be around a group of creative people willing to plop down and spend two minutes or two hours making something. No judgment. No expectations. Just play.

Take a look, then go to our Facebook page and help us tag them.

One group conspicuously absent in these shots are our fantastic volunteers: Heather, Iris, Abbey, Cary, Erin, Nilufer, Betsy and Sarah made the evening go so smoothly.  Some work at the station, others we met in person for the first time on Saturday night;  at least one one was under the weather but showed up anyway, and at least two speak Spanish. This was the first time we gathered a group to help us out with a project. The verdict: We like volunteers. If you’re interested in helping spread the word about Art&Seek, e-mail me at [email protected]

A special thanks to our projectionist Sean Fitzgerald, who answered a last-minute call, the day after celebrating his birthday AND helping throw SEED Deep Ellum‘s community garden fundraiser. benefit.

And deep love to Cindy Chaffin, our superb videographer, who provided volunteer services far beyond what we paid her. She called me from the warehouse Saturday afternoon to report some very photogenic funnel clouds that seemed to be forming in the stormy skies. And then apologized for not having her camera with her.

Those concerned about waste will be glad to hear us thank the  many who donated or recycled art supplies for our tables.  And we’re back at the warehouse today, to clean up and save what didn’t get used for next time.  We spent very little money on  materials.

Which leaves only question: What becomes of these masterpieces? We learn as we go. Last year, we greedily bagged up the pieces at night’s end. Wet glue. Bad.

This year, we left everything to dry. As the evening ended, several folks asked if they could take pieces other than their own. Next time we do this, we may hold a mini-sale. $5 or $10 and the piece is yours, proceeds to the evening’s beneficiary. Til then, we are looking for a home for this work, beyond our offices and cubicles at KERA. If you know of a school, library, assisted living facility or other place that needs brightening, give a shout.

  • Anne Bothwell

    Should apologize for the weird dissolve of two photos that kicks things off. We’re not being arty, just having a tough time creating a cover image on YouTube.

  • Bill Holston

    Anne, when my dad died, I had tons of paintings that my mom had painted. I already had several. I donated them to the Dallas Life Foundation, to decorate their family living units. They were very happy for the donation. I also wonder if CityWalk could use them for City Walk at Akard.


    Art Con loves Art and Seek!

  • Anne Bothwell

    Thanks Bill! I’ll check out both your suggestions.

  • Anne Bothwell

    Did you try to tag photos on our Facebook page yesterday? If so, you were probably frustrated. Tagging function is now restored. Hope you’ll visit Art&Seek on Facebook again and tag the pix we took at Con Artist gallery.