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Artist Studio Tour: Julia Schloss

by Cindy Chaffin 22 Oct 2010 1:48 PM

Guest blogger Cindy Chaffin recently paid a visit to Art Conspiracy artist Julia Schloss’ home studio to shoot the this video. She passes along a report from her trip.


Guest blogger Cindy Chaffin recently paid a visit to Art Conspiracy participating artist Julia Schloss’ home studio to shoot the above video. She passes along this report from her trip:

Driving down the tiny country roads on my way to Julia Schloss’ home studio, I grinned a little at the thought of what a city-gal I am and how I could never live way out in the sticks like Julia. Then I turned on to her property and everything changed.

Julia and her husband, Lee, have transformed a nice, pretty piece of property into an absolute paradise. Sparkling ponds full of pet turtles, several rustic buildings (including their home, and both their studios), and rolling hills make up this gorgeous oasis.

Julia’s art is comprised of found things. When I say found, I mean anything, anywhere – be it the side of the road, inside a dumpster or something that blew on to her property. Each piece is unusual and always quite lovely.

Art&Seek was welcomed into the tranquil and peaceful place where she creates her art. Please enjoy the artist studio tour with Julia Schloss. And to take a trip inside the studios of other North Texas artists, visit our Artist Studio Tour.

  • Kat

    Did you know the video is set to private? It sounds interesting but isn’t available to watch even on youtube. 🙁

  • Anne Bothwell

    Well that isn’t very effective, is it? We’ll get it fixed right away. Thanks Kat.

  • Anne Bothwell

    Should work now!

  • Kat

    It works now! What a wonderful inspiration for reusable items. Thank you for the studio tours.

  • I forgot to mention that Julia had KXT on in the background. Prior to hitting record on my camera, KXT was playing Midlake and I was like, “oh, Julia, I love this song…I can’t believe you have this CD,” to which she said, “oh, this is KXT, not a CD.”

    You can hear The O’s (playing on KXT) in the opening sequence in the video. Julia’s studio, home and KXT filling the lovely open air of this video was perfection!