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Idea Week: Last Night's Carrotmob

by Anne Bothwell 14 Oct 2010 10:26 AM

LaGrange got mobbed last night. For a good cause. Here’s the story, with a bit of video.


Texas had its first carrotmob last night at La Grange in Deep Ellum. The concept is tied to our power as consumers. When we’re unhappy, often that power is expressed through a “stick”: we protest against a company we disagree with, or boycott their products. Carrotmob does the opposite: set an agenda; when a company follows it, flood them with business.

In this case, organizers – Dallas Green Drinks and Net Impact – took bids from 12 restaurants, asking them how much of their proceeds they’d plow back into their own business to make it more environmentally sustainable if they got mobbed. LaGrange promised 81.5% of its haul would go to make energy-saving improvements, from changing lighting to refrigeration and A/C upgrades – depending on the total raised. So they won.

Around 10 p.m., the tables were full and the take so far was $2,500. And the brisket tacos were delish. We’ll update with the final tally when we hear it.

The DMN was there too. And here’s a little video made at the beginning of the evening.

  • Nilufer Arsala

    Best fries Ive had in a while… I couldn’t stop eating them!!! And great live music : )