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The Conversation: Idea Week

by Anne Bothwell 13 Oct 2010 8:42 AM

Are you part of the carrotmob tonight? Learned to pronounce Pecha Kucha yet? Is Idea Week and its events working for you? Let us know.


A weekly question from the Art&Seek e-newsletter to prompt discussion about the arts.

This week, we’re hoping for a little crowdsourcing. Jerome did a piece for KERA FM on Idea Week on Monday. I posted about speed networking at Spark Club. Jeff Whittington talked about State of the Arts coming up Thursday. Now we’d like to hear about your experiences at this week’s events leading up to TEDxSMU. Did you see the flashmobs on Monday? Are you part of the carrotmob tonight? Have you learned to pronounce Pecha Kucha yet? Seriously, we’d love to know what interesting things you learned or what ideas got sparked this week. Leave a comment and let us know.