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Idea Week Underway

by Anne Bothwell 11 Oct 2010 2:15 PM

Day One of Idea Week: flashmobs, ideacasts, sparks flying.


Jerome told us about Idea Week on KERA FM this morning. But today, he and I are office-bound and Stephen is out this week. (Those two facts are connected.)  So we aren’t able to get around to see the flashmobs popping up around town, collecting ideas about how to make Dallas more livable, walkable, green, etc. Fortunately, Tim Rogers was able to step outside his office and check out some of the action. Here’s his report on FrontRow.

If you’d like to check out the ideacasts being streamed by Net Impact DFW and DFW Green, go here.

If you caught this today, send us pix or let us  know what you thought.

And hope to see you this evening at Spark Club.