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New-ish Dallas Visual Arts Blogs

by Anne Bothwell 30 Sep 2010 3:52 PM

Artist Brad Ford Smith’s personal blog, and Art This Week, locally produced video on contemporary art. Others we should be looking at? Do tell.


At Art&Seek, we are always looking for sources of info on arts, culture and music in North Texas. Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or been around a while – if you’ve got a  blog, site, podcast, app, video, special post, etc. to share, don’t be shy. Stephen [email protected] –  is sending out link love every day in the Morning Round-Up.  And all three of us (that’d be me, Stephen and Jerome) enjoy spreading the word about what catches our eye.

A couple noteworthy visual arts sites that crossed my path in the last few days:

Brad Ford Smith is a Dallas artist, art conservationist, an occasional guest blogger for Art&Seek, and – full disclosure – a good friend of mine.  His blog, The Dyslexic Ramblings of an Artistic Life, is a personal look at the many projects he wraps himself up in, most recently the CAD Rapid Art project, which is on display at One Arts Plaza.  In his own recently emailed words:  “As the title suggests, it’s about being and artists and a really bad speller.”

In the “new friends” department: I got together this week with Lauren Kennedy, who is one of four people hoping to turn Art This Week, a project that started as a labor of love, into something much more.  (The others involved are Richard Serrano, Caroline Belanger and Lauren Darrouzet.)

This project is a much more outward-looking one than Brad’s. Arts This Week (not to be confused with Fort Worth-based This Week in the Arts – heya Justin!) focuses on contemporary art, and has posted 69 video interviews with artists from, appearing in, or of interest to Dallas. Expect to hear more from and about them in the next month or so.

Their most recent post is an interview with Katherine Wagner, CEO of Business Council for the Arts, about ARTsPARK at NorthPark this weekend. But I wish I had seen this interview when I was recently looking for video about Trenton Doyle Hancock.

  • Thanks A&S for highlighting not only my blog, but also Arts this Week, and This Week in the Arts. The DFW area has several people that are using their blogs to cover cultural events and to simple write about creativity in a way that falls somewhere between guest blogging on A&S and posting on Facebook. I guess you might call them a kind of grass roots cyber culture exchange.

    A&S actually has a very nice starter list of blogs under the heading of Sites of Note. Seek them out. Find some Art.

  • Thanks for supporting the Art scene in the DFW. If only there was more people out there that was doing he exact same thing it would help out a lot of people.