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Art&Seek is Challenged – And We Couldn't Be Happier

by Anne Bothwell 29 Sep 2010 2:54 PM

If you like the idea of arts and culture coverage on KERA and here at Art&Seek, Thursday’s your big opportunity to let us know.


As you may know, KERA-FM is in the midst of its Fall Membership Campaign. And if you are an arts lover considering a pledge to the station, Thursday between 9 and noon would be an excellent time to make it. Because the station has received its first challenge grant in Art&Seek’s honor.

The challenge will be in effect between 9 a.m. and noon Thursday, during The Diane Rehm Show and Fresh Air With Terry Gross.  If KERA receives 75 contributions during those hours, the station will receive an additional $1,500 from  Gail and Richard Sachson. (Thank you Gail and Richard!!)

If you listen during pledge drive, you know that more than half the station’s operating funds come from members.  This money supports me, Jerome, Stephen, Gila, Therese,  Nilufer and everyone else at the station who makes Art&Seek possible. It also supports the station’s ability to bring you arts-related interviews, reports and reviews on national programs like Diane Rehm and Fresh Air, Studio 360 and This American Life.  It supports our local news operation, which Art&Seek contributes to. And also local programming like Think with Krys Boyd.

All of this helps fulfill our mission to provide you with  information and opportunities to keep you connected to arts, culture and music in North Texas – and beyond.

So – if that’s important to you, please  go online or call Thursday between 9 and noon and help us make that challenge.