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Monday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 13 Sep 2010 7:55 AM

Today in the roundup: The organ’s time to shine, the hills are alive in Fort Worth and looking forward to the Super Bowl.


ORGAN TIME: If you’re an organ lover, tonight’s your night. Pipedreams Live! brings several top organists to the Meyerson tonight for a program that includes a world premiere, work by local composers and music from Mr. Organ himself, J.S. Bach. And there’s a reason why the Meyerson was chosen to host the event – its Lay Family Concert Organ is widely considered one of the best in the world. “That’s both because of what it is but also where it is,” Michael Barone, the evening’s host, tells dallasnews.com. “The hall and the instrument work beautifully together.”

CASA IS ALIVE: When you want to pack the house, there are few musicals more beloved than The Sound of Music. The challenge is breathing life into a show most people in the audience have seen before. But that’s just what Casa Manana has managed to pull off, according to dfw.com. “It’s thoughtfully performed, beautifully sung and occasionally insightful. Who knew that these characters could surprise,” Mark Lowry writes in his review. But theaterjones.com says the show doesn’t find its footing until Steve Blanchard’s Capt. Von Trapp appears. “Once Blanchard enters the entire level of the performance is raised,” Kris Noteboom writes.

IS IT FEBRUARY YET?: The journey to the Super Bowl was officially kicked off this weekend. The good news: the game will be held in Arlington. The bad news: the Cowboys won’t be there if they play like they did Sunday night. Anyhoo … the last of the kickoff concerts was held Friday night, with Tim McGraw headlining. Mike Daniel, writing for dallasnews.com, says topping the bill was a nearly impossible task, considering McGraw had to follow Van Cliburn and a highlight package of great moments in Cowboys history. And once he finally took the stage, he got to fight with the Cowboys Stadium sound system just like everyone else who’s played there. No matter, says dfw.com. Preson Jones called the whole production a, “fitting display of excellence on a night wholly dedicated to it.”