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Wednesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 8 Sep 2010 7:56 AM

Today in the roundup: Di Wu talks touring, thoughts on Theatre Three’s “Unmade Bed” and following up on Ask a Curator Day.


A RETURN TO THE SCENE: Di Wu ought to have pretty good memories of Fort Worth. The New York pianist was a finalist at last year’s Cliburn Competition, which has lead to a spike in her touring schedule. And this weekend, that schedule brings her back to Bass Hall to perform with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. “I played Rachmaninoff’s Second with the Shanghai Symphony with a week’s notice, and I hadn’t played that for two years,” she tells “Before, I would have freaked out big time – oh my God! But after Cliburn you’re like, you know, I’ll be fine. I’ll be OK. It’s sort of a silent calmness that carries you through a lot of things.”

‘BED’ TIME: Theatre Three’s Songs from an Unmade Bed has an interesting backstory. Mark Campbell wrote the lyrics and then sent them to 18 composers to provide the music. So how does this musical Frankenstein come together? “Songs from an Unmade Bed doesn’t give us long enough samples of its various composers’ work to help us tell them apart,” Lawson Taitte writes. “Still, it’s nice to know that so many are happy to turn out such breezy, witty stuff.” Meanwhile, Lindsey Wilson of D Magazine says the performers can all “really sing,” but the show, “finds itself muffled by the musical equivalent of too many throw pillows.” Judge for yourself through Oct. 3.

INQUIRING MINDS: Did you follow Ask a Curator Day last week on Twitter? The event collected curators from 300 museums worldwide to field questions from art enthusiasts. The Dallas Museum of Art was one of those 300. And on its new Uncrated blog, the DMA has rounded up some of the questions that its curators fielded, along with those 140 character answers.