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Friday Round-Up

by Anne Bothwell 3 Sep 2010 8:21 AM

Almost time to sliiide into the long weekend. But first: art-house movies, Erykah Badu, and a show you’ll really, really want to see at the Nasher.


Indie Movies, Indie Theater: Art&Seek was busy daydreaming about the holiday weekend and that’s our excuse for overlooking the news that the Texas Theater has new operators – Aviation Cinemas – and will begin showing classic and indie movies and film series starting Sept. 30. Pegasus News told you about it. As did The Observer. And Front Row. And, now that we’re not thinking about deviled eggs, picnics and the end of summer, we have too.

Badu in Cheap Clothing: Erykah Badu is singing in H&M adds. Could this mean the stylish but inexpensive clothing store will finally come to North Texas? Hmmm….deviled eggs.

Treasure in the Texas Desert: For the first time in almost 20 years, we can see work from the artist James Magee, when the The Nasher opens Revelation: The Art of James Magee. This morning, Jerome will tape an interview with Magee, who spent the last 20-some years building The Hill in the desert outside El Paso. Only a small clump of  people have toured The HIll, but this week Jerome and I have been paging through photos and reading essays from a beautiful new book on same by UTD art professor Richard Brettell, Nasher curator Jed Morse and photographer Tom Jenkins, who died in 2008. I can’t sum-up Magee in a morning round-up sentence – why he’s building a monument in the desert, why the titles of his works are poems, why he assumes different personas to create different types of art – but check back here for video of the Art&Seek segment of Think, airing tonight on KERA TV. Or go to the Nasher.  In addition to works from Magee, the exhibit includes a film of The Hill by Quin Mathews.