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Paul Slavens Show : August 22 2010 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 22 Aug 2010 7:55 PM

Ok folks, lets hear some great suggestions, and leave a link to where music can be purchased if you can.


Ok folks, lets hear some great suggestions, and leave a link to where music can be purchased if you can.
New to me this week:
Bobby Womack
Asphalt Orchesta
Dennis Brown
Glass Candy
Nite Jewel
Lake Heartbeat

Hour 1 Set List

Mary Wells – “The One Who Really Loves You” – The Ultimate Collection: Mary Wells

Micachu – “Golden Phone” – Jewellery

Myron Floren – “Clarinet Polka” – 24 Polka’s Greatest Hits

Leonard Cohen – “Tower of Song” – I’M Your Man

Spooky Folk – “Bible Belt” – Spooky Folk

Philip Glass -“Funeral of Amenhotep III Edited (from Glass Reflections)” – The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol.I

The Five Stairsteps – “Ooh Baby Baby (Buddha Remastered 2001)” – The First Family of Soul: The Best of The Five Stairsteps

Björk – “Possibly Maybe” – Post

Ruthie Foster – “Phenomenal Woman” – The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster

Mike Patton – “Che Notte”! – Mondo Cane

Robert Palmer -“Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley” – Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley

Kris Kristofferson – “Help Me Make It Through The Night” – The Essential Kris Kristofferson

Shivaree – “Shame On You” – Tainted Love: Mating Calls and Fight Songs

Tin Hat -” Blind Paper Dragon” – The Sad Machinery Of Spring

The Books – “Beautiful Peopl”e – The Way Out

Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie -” You Got It” – The Gifted Ones

Hour Two

Bobby Womack -” Communication (Single )”- The Best Of Bobby Womack – The Soul Years (Digital)

Asphalt Orchestra – “Frank Zappa: Zomby Woof” – Asphalt Orchestra

Bobby McFerrin – “All I Wan”t – Simple Pleasures

Igor Stravinsky – “The Owl and the Pussy-cat (Instrumental)” – Essential Igor Stravinsky

Whiskey Folk Ramblers – “Night Of The Indian Man Morning” – …And There Are Devils

LCD Soundsystem -” Drunk Girls” – This Is Happening

Here We Go Magic – “Herbie I Love You Now I Know” – Pigeons

Dennis Brown – “Things In Lif”e – Money In My Pocket: The Definitive Collection

Wilco – “Walken” – Sky Blue Sky

Glass Candy – “Etheric Device” – Beat Box

The Black Keys – “Everlasting Light” – Brothers [+digital booklet]

Sammy Davis Jr. -” somethins gotta give” – The Definitive Collection

Nite Jewel – “Want You Back” – Want You Back EP

Robyn – “Dancing On My Own (PMS Remix)” (Amazon MP3 Exclusive) – Body Talk Pt. 1

Lake Heartbeat – “Blue Plane” – Trust In Numbers

  • Paul Slavens

    Hey there,
    this is where you can leave your polite comments and groovy music suggestions.

  • Ron Bulla

    Carolyn Wonderland “Unbroken”

    Nick Brumley “Coppervine Ln.” I wish I had a link for this artist. He is out of Marshal, Tx. I saw him play in a coffee shop in Denton a couple of years ago. He has a self titled cd out.

    Placebo w/David Bowie “Without You I’m Nothing”

  • Kelly Higgins

    I been listening to Leon Russell a lot. Stranger in a Strange Land, Rainbow in Your Eyes, Wild Horses, Delta Lady, Magic Mirror are all good. Pretty good version of Masquerade, too. When he covers a song, it just seems definitive. Play some Leon next week maybe.

  • Stephen Douglas

    Hey Paul!

    It’s requests from Richard and the buddies again!

    Illuminate by Imperial Drag (CD is Imperial Drag)
    Jungle by E.L.O. (CD is Out of the Blue)
    Have You Heard? Pt. 2 (Live Version) by Moody Blues (CD is Moody Blues – Caught Live + 5)

    Also, a few weeks ago, I got the request wrong. It should have been:

    Odessey not Ocyssey and the CD it was from was “Music From the Elder”

    Thanks Paul!

  • Paul Slavens

    Leon Russell is all good in my book
    thanks for the tips Ron

  • Anne Bothwell

    Whoo! Feelin’ phenomenal. On behalf of all of us: Thanks Paul!

  • Stephen Douglas

    Ok, Paul,

    New letter, new request:

    When you Wish Upon a Star by Gene Simmons (CD is Gene Simmons).

    Apparently, Gene’s voice cracked while singing it and his producer thought it fit and would not let Gene re-take it.

    Let me know if you can play any of this!


  • Gris Ramierez

    Hey Paul,
    Denton has Sarah Jaffe and L.A. has Rachael Cantu. I highly recommend you give her music a listen to. Might I suggest introducing your listeners to her song Devil’s Thunder. I really enjoy tuning in every Sunday.

    PS Could you also possibly include Jenny Lewis or Neko Case to your playlist.

  • Mike in Colorado

    Great tunes tonight, keep playing the music with tone and mellow, less mechanical microwave noises.

  • Gris Ramirez

    Hey Paul,
    Denton has Sarah Jaffe and L.A. has Rachael Cantu. Might I suggest you introduce her music to your listeners. I recommend beginning with Devil’s Thunder. Here is her myspace link.


    PS I’d like to see if Jenny Lewis and Neko Case could also be added to your playlist too.

  • Cliff

    Love the Bobby McFerrin! And that horn thing just before was awesome. I don’t have any brilliant suggestions tonight; maybe another week.

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks for the suggestions
    I gotta warn you Mike
    I got some music coming you may not care for

  • Ron Bulla

    Great show as always. Here is Nick Brumley

  • Regan

    1,2,3 Not It! – Stephanie Song

    Squirrel Nut Zippers

  • Paul Slavens

    keep em coming

  • maybe dance little angel dance by robert plant thanks kxt rocks………….


  • paul slavens

    hope you check this
    gonna try to get some kiss on for ya