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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 20 Aug 2010 8:16 AM

Today in the roundup: DTC goes to the video, super groups in Fort Worth and Billy Idol gets close.


CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST: The Dallas Theater Center is trying to meet the kids where they’re at – online. In order to cast the children in its production of A Christmas Carol, the DTC is asking the kiddos to audition via an online video. So what does that involve? DTC company member Lee Trull fills you in on the details in the above video. Even if you’re not a kid, be sure to watch to see Lee’s audition monologue and song. And while you’re at it, head out to Fort Worth to catch Lee in Stage West’s The 39 Steps.

GROUPS OF GROUPS IN FORT WORTH: We hear about bands breaking up all the time around here. But it seems like more often than not, the members of those bands get together in different combinations to form new bands. That’s the way sees it, anyway, as this week’s Hearsay column looks at the many, many bands formed from the ashes of other local groups.

QUOTABLE: “We’re playing places where people can see and touch us. They can smell my breath. Smell my body odor.¬† It’s a more visceral experience.”

– Billy Idol, in an interview with, about the venues he’s booked on his current tour. It comes to the Palladium Ballroom on Tuesday.

  • Lee Trull

    Thanks for the shout out Art and Seek!
    We’ve got one terrific video audition so far and expecting a river of them this weekend. should be fun!

  • Anne Bothwell

    I’m not sure I’d want to get that “visceral” w/Billy Idol.