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Friday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 13 Aug 2010 7:46 AM

Today in the roundup: Alternative arts spaces, leading local arts funding and visualizing heat.


ALT ART: Alternative arts spaces are filling a void left when more corporate spots squeeze out less established artists. And places like The Gallery at Lander’s Machine Shop and 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth are becoming increasingly important for creative types who are into art for art’s sake. recently spent some time exploring the Gallery and other similar placed. Preston Jones writes, “Standing just a few feet from an artist and admiring his or her handiwork, or cramming into a room as a band thrashes out its music delivers a charge you can’t get anywhere else. Even the unfinished, often haphazard nature of these spaces reinforces a sense of optimism for brighter days ahead.”

LEADING THE WAY: The September issue of D CEO is actually turning out to be pretty artsy. Yesterday we pointed you to a story about how the DSO’s financial troubles affect the larger business community. And now after further perusal, there’s also a short profile of Business Council for the Arts CEO Katherine Wagner — who’ll be appearing today on Think TV.

HOT HOT HEAT: It sure is hot outside. (“How hot is it…?”) Hot enough that the Amon Carter blog has collected a series of works in the museum’s collection that depict the intensity of the sun. Be sure to take a look now before your eyes melt later today.

A NEW CHAPTER: Recently, we lamented the closing of Legacy Books, one of the few independent bookstores around. But now news has come out that the store is moving to Fairview and reopening as A Real Bookstore. If you want to say goodbye to Legacy Books, you might want to do it today. The Plano store closes tomorrow.