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Layoffs at Star-Telegram

by Anne Bothwell 12 Aug 2010 3:36 PM

At least one long-time arts writer is among those let go.


Boy, do I hate stories like this.  Earlier this week came word that The Star-Telegram laid off 15 people. Today I confirmed that Andrew Marton was among those who were let go.  He was a senior arts writer at the paper- there for 11 years.  He won four national awards during his tenure, as well as regional and local prizes.  I admired the work he did on the Texas Ballet Theater’s financial woes.

Haven’t heard of any other arts/entertainment layoffs there, but will add to the list if I do. Jerome, Stephen and I – all formerly-ink-stained – wish the best for Andrew and his colleagues.

  • Jerome Weeks

    Perhaps, understandably, there’s a degree of ‘layoff fatigue,’ but I’ve been a little surprised at how little notice these latest staff cutbacks have received.

  • Mary Stamm

    So sad…