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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 27 Jul 2010 7:38 AM

Today in the roundup: New KXT in-studio videos, local dance milestones and Jane Austen’s Fight Club (yes, really).


RADIO ON VIDEO: If you listen to KXT 91.7 much, you know that artists are constantly rolling through to play in-studio performances. It’s kinda fun passing them in the hallway wondering if the guy with the Grizzly Adams beard carrying a guitar actually works here and you just never noticed him before. Anywhoo … a bunch of recent videos are now posted to kxt.org, including selections from Nathaniel Rateliff, Delta Spirit, Cadillac Sky and Dallas’ own The Naptime Shake.

DANCING THROUGH THE YEARS: Congratulations to Ewert & Company (10 years) and Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth (20 years), which each celebrated anniversaries recently. As you know, for an arts group – particularly a dance company – to make it a year, much less 10 or 20, is quite an accomplishment. The leaders of each group spoke with dallasnews.com about the approaches they take that have kept audiences coming back.

JANE, MEET CHUCK: What do you get when you cross Jane Austen with Chuck Palahniuk? Jane Austen’s Fight Club, of course. (h/t, Vulture) Favorite line: “Is that your blood?” “Oh, yes. Some of it.” Enjoy: