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Tuesday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 27 Jul 2010 7:38 AM

Today in the roundup: New KXT in-studio videos, local dance milestones and Jane Austen’s Fight Club (yes, really).


RADIO ON VIDEO: If you listen to KXT 91.7 much, you know that artists are constantly rolling through to play in-studio performances. It’s kinda fun passing them in the hallway wondering if the guy with the Grizzly Adams beard carrying a guitar actually works here and you just never noticed him before. Anywhoo … a bunch of recent videos are now posted to, including selections from Nathaniel Rateliff, Delta Spirit, Cadillac Sky and Dallas’ own The Naptime Shake.

DANCING THROUGH THE YEARS: Congratulations to Ewert & Company (10 years) and Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth (20 years), which each celebrated anniversaries recently. As you know, for an arts group – particularly a dance company – to make it a year, much less 10 or 20, is quite an accomplishment. The leaders of each group spoke with about the approaches they take that have kept audiences coming back.

JANE, MEET CHUCK: What do you get when you cross Jane Austen with Chuck Palahniuk? Jane Austen’s Fight Club, of course. (h/t, Vulture) Favorite line: “Is that your blood?” “Oh, yes. Some of it.” Enjoy: