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Texans Take Revenge on BP, Damage Arts Center

by Jerome Weeks 22 Jul 2010 10:08 AM

In Durango, the British Petroleum logo was ripped from the canvas awning of the town’s arts center. Newspaper readers angrily debate who is the bigger vandal, the oil company or the awning slashers.


In Durango (near Temple), vandals ripped out the BP logo from the canvas storefront awning of the town’s arts center, reports the Durango Herald News. They may have been venting their anger at British Petroleum for the Gulf oil spill, but the Durango Arts Center will have to replace the awning, which is decorated with donors’ logos.

The newspaper’s online story has sparked an angry debate in the comments section over who is the bigger vandal, BP or the awning slashers …

  • markzero

    Awful. BP didn’t vandalize. What they did was certainly due to carelessness and greed, but they certainly didn’t set out deliberately to damage the environment and cost themselves billions of dollars.