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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Stephen Becker 15 Jul 2010 7:58 AM

Today in the roundup: Where to see a movie, new local music releases and pantomime in Fort Worth.


CINEMANIA: Dallas Morning News movie critic Chris Vognar has compiled his list of the best DFW movie houses. If you close your eyes and think for a second, you can probably come up with most of them. But it’s a good reminder of the vastly different moviegoing experiences we have in the area. I still haven’t made it out to Fairview yet to try out the new Gold Class Cinemas, which features reserved seating and fancy bites (might have to save up for that one). If I were picking a favorite, I suppose I’d have to go with the Angelika Film Center. It nudges out the Magnolia Theatre by allowing me to avoid the parking nightmare that is the West Village. Of course, the Angelika also holds the title of Closest Theater to My House. So that may also have something to do with it.

MUSIC BITS: Local acts Charming Gardeners, Beauxregard, the Backsliders, Shiny Around the Edges and Smile Smile all either have new music out or on the way shortly. ( … Dallas blues band Tweed EQ covers “Chasing Corporate” by fellow locals Air Review in the brilliantly conceived Locals on Locals series. (DC9 at Night) … Telegraph Canyon plans to put out a live acoustic recording before formally following up last year’s The Tide and the Current. (

THE SILENT TREATMENT: Pantomime is kind of a lost art. But Hip Pocket Theatre is bringing it back with Etiquette Unraveled, Lake Simons’ one-woman show in which she interacts with a variety of props onstage. “The charming show moves swiftly and is beautifully imagined,” writes Mark Lowry in his review. Punch Shaw was less impressed. “The show reveals a flash of imagination here and there, and it could be worse: To her credit, Simons does not once get trapped in a box,” he writes on Etiquette Unraveled runs through Sunday.

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    The Charming Gardeners’ new musical entry is great fun because Amy Curnow’s vocals could levitate an anvil. Highly recommended.

  • Emily

    “The Kids are All Right” w/ Julianne Moore and Annette Benning plays at the Magnolia Theaters tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it for a good laugh. Also, a comedian I saw a couple of weeks ago at Hyenas, very funny…