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We're Tweeting Away

by Stephen Becker 8 Jul 2010 2:38 PM

Art&Seek now has a Twitter feed, click through to join us!


Have you been a dedicated Twitter users since it got huge at South by Southwest in 2007? Well, we haven’t.

But that’s all changed.

Art&Seek now has its own Twitter feed: @artandseek. And we’re making up for lost time by using our feed to send out breaking arts news, links to Art&Seek content, retweets of other interesting nuggets we come across and, very soon, some special giveaways.

As of July 8, we’ve already got more than 40 followers. But we’re looking to expand on that number – hopefully into the triple digits soon, and who knows – maybe we’ll break into the thousands. (Hey, LeBron James had more than 90,000 followers before he even sent out his first tweet, so the sky’s the limit!)

Please take a second to click the link above and become one of our followers. And we’ll do our best to keep you informed and entertained, 140 characters at a time.