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It's a Summer Friday Roundup …

by Jerome Weeks 25 Jun 2010 7:56 AM

… meaning it’s kinda lazy. The DMA’s Bonnie Pitman is profiled. A Fort Worth councilmember seeks “balance” with the Ridglea Theatre. Music awards announced, Custer’s battle flag to be auctioned.


… meaning it’s kinda lazy, just lying in the sun, watching people go by.

WATCHING PEOPLE LOOKING – The DMA’s Bonnie Pitman is profiled in the new issue of D magazine — with special reference to her seven-year effort at studying how people experience art museums (the book comes out this summer) and how that study has influenced her own management of the DMA and its current shows.

WATCHING PEOPLE FINDING BALANCE – FWWeekly prints an e-mail from  city councilmember Zim Zimmerman, who’s the focus of efforts to save the Ridglea Theatre. In response to the many phone calls and e-mails his office has gotten, the councilmember calls for “a balance between preserving the character of this community while at the same time encouraging positive redevelopment.” The balance he supports is one in which Bank of America gets to demolish the Ridglea Theatre but will “consider preserving the building’s facade, including its marquee and tower.”

WATCHING … STUFF – Speaking of the FWWeekly, it came out with its annual music awards . . . The LA Phil released its second iPhone app, but this one’s actually useful . . .  At Sotheby’s this fall, the Detroit Institute of ArtS is putting up for auction General Custer’s battle flag, yes, one that survived the Little Bighorn. The guidon, a swallow-tail American flag, may fetch $2-$5 million.