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Tuesday Roundup

by Anne Bothwell 22 Jun 2010 6:59 AM

Fort Worth’s Ridglea Theater may become a bank. The first opera for iPads. Lou Barlow in the KXT studios. And 18,000 descended on Fair Park in fright wigs and fur bikinis for Electric Daisy Carnival. Good morning to you, too.


Ridglea Threatened: The future of Fort Worth’s Ridglea Theater  has been up in the air for a while. Will it become a bank? Maybe. Receive protection as an historic site. Prolly not, reports Preston Jones. The building’s days as a music venue “appear to be numbered.”

Tech talk:  E-readers are growing in popularity but the Nook and the Kindle are getting cheaper  much faster than analysts expected, reports The New York Times. The price cuts are, of course, in response to the more expensive iPad, also a reader, but more.  Much more, it turns out.  Coming later this year, possibly the first opera for iPad. “We aren’t merely trying to replace opera,” says one who is creating the ap for Exile, composed byAustralian Helen Gifford. “We are enhancing it and extending it into the realms of virtuality.”

Flower Power:  The Electric Daisy Carnival, a traveling rave on steroids, decamped at Fair Park last weekend. Teresa Gubbins says the excellent music was almost overshadowed by the light shows over-the-top fashions worn by the anything-goes crowd.  Which you can see in the photos accompanying her review on Pegagus. The Observer also has photos up.  And here’s this: