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Sole Sisters: A Movie About Women and their Shoes

by Gail Sachson 22 Jun 2010 12:51 PM

Ladies, filmmaker Cynthia Mondell is looking for your stories about shoes.


Gail Sachson owns Ask Me About Art, offering lectures, tours and program planning. She is Vice-Chair of the Cultural Affairs Commission and a member of the Public Art Committee.

Look in your closet, under your bed and in your suitcase, where you hide them. How many pairs of shoes do you really have? I’ll bet there are some you haven’t worn in years, but cannot bear to throw out or give away. That’s because each dyed-to-match satin heel, every bejeweled sandal, every bedraggled bunny bedroom slipper and worn out running shoe tells a story. Good times, bad times, sad times. Memories of  races won , loves lost or dreams found.

Award-winning filmmaker Cynthia Mondell wants to hear your favorite shoe story!

Mondell,  who with husband, Allen, founded Media Projects in 1978,  is well-known for her popular, laugh-inducing, but truth-revealing documentary, “The Ladies Room”. In “Sole Sisters: a Film About Women and Their Shoes”, she  is once again focusing in on the inner thoughts, addictions and secret longings of women. But this time, she is filming in clothes closets, rather than water closets.

Why the shoe focus? “I am doing this film in memory of my mom, Sylvia Salzman, who loved and collected shoes,” says Mondell.  She also connected to women through their powerful and personal stories. ‘Sole Sisters’  (the movie) will capture these stories from women from all walks of life. “Our shoes”, she contends, “tell us what we love, what we live for, who we are and who we want to be.”

Now is your chance to be a star. Mondell is asking you to be a Sole Sister. Send your shoe story and/or your donation to be a “Well -heeled Executive Producer” with film credit, to [email protected]. Just think…then you’ll have a great excuse to buy another pair of shoes.

  • What a nice article, Gail! Thank you for inviting your well-informed readers and seminar participants to share in this journey to the ‘sole.

  • Kayte M

    Great article Gail! I love the introductory paragraph description. Can’t wait to check out the film website!

  • Love the article!

  • Ann Pascal

    You posed a great question? No matter how many shoes you have, wear or don’t wear, there is always a new pair needed for the next wonderful life experience.

  • Shoes! Another art form (some are)! Great article, Gail — and how much fun to share with other friends – many thanks — I’m writing in about my favorite slippers in fourth grade (maybe)!