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Paul Slavens Show: June 6, 2010 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 6 Jun 2010 8:06 PM

Hey, folks – this is where you can leave your polite suggestions and music suggestions.


Hey, folks – this is where you can leave your polite suggestions and music suggestions.
Make sure and leave a link if you can so we can hear or buy the music.
New to me this week: Tinariwen, This Mortal Coil, Joe Pernice, The Durutti Column, Ofra Haza, Jamie Lideel and John Grant.

Here is tonight’s setlist:

Bjork, “Harm Of Will (LP Version),” Vespertine
The Monkees, “Porpoise Song,” Vanilla Sky Soundtrack
Sun Ra, “Rocket Number Nine,” Space is the Place
Cat Stevens, “Oh Very Young,” Greatest Hits

Smiling At The Ceiling, “Smiling At The Ceiling/The New Game,” Smiling At The Ceiling
Goldfrapp, “Voicething,” Head First [+digital booklet]
Tinariwen, “Lulla,” Imidiwan: Companions

Hank Williams III, “I’m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised,” Touch My Heart – A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck
Anthony Marwood/Chamber Orchestra of Europe, “Violin Concerto: Rings,” Ades: Violin Concerto
Gorillaz, “To Binge (Feat. Little Dragon),” Plastic Beach

This Mortal Coil, “Alone,” Filigree And Shadow
Joe Pernice, “Prince Valium,” Big Tobacco

Janelle Monáe, “Make The Bus (Feat. Of Montreal),” The ArchAndroid
The Durutti Column, “Sketch For Summer [Remastered,” Factory Records: Communications 1978-92
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, “Beverly Kills,” Ariel Pink Before Today
Merle Haggard, “The Bottle Let Me Down (2001 Digital Remaster),” 20 Greatest Hits

Doug Burr, “A Black Wave Is Comin’,” O Ye Devastator
Ratatat, “Sun Blocks,” LP4
Ofra Haza, “I’m nin’Alu,” Ofra Haza-Greatest Hits
Shonen Knife, “Elephant Pao Pao,” Burning Farm

Jamie Lidell, “Completely Exposed,” Compass
Ellen Allien, “Sun The Rain,” Dust
John Grant, “Sigourney Weaver,” Queen of Denmark
Bat For Lashes, “Two Planets,” Two Suns [+digital booklet]     

Talking Heads, “Who Is It,” 77
Sonny Boy Williamson II, “Crazy About You Baby,” King Biscuit Time
Stereolab, “Black Ants In Sound-Dust,” Sound-dust

  • Paul Slavens

    I am here
    got any good suggestions for music?

  • off to a good start! how about some Fever Ray, maybe “Dry and Dusty”… or some Dove Hunter 🙂

  • Paul Slavens

    I will spin that fever ray next week
    i love that track
    Dove Hunter too

  • Mike W
  • Have you ever looked into http://www.thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com/ ?

    The elaborate story goes that a guy gets transported to another dimension where the Beatles never broke up, and brought back a tape to prove it. The guy even put it up for download.


  • Elizabeth

    Hi Paul,

    I am an Event Coordinator at the Palace in Grapevine and remember the Hunchback show in October… Happy I found the show.

    Do you have any Beirut?

  • Paul Slavens

    thanks for the interesting suggestions
    gonna have to check that beatles link
    Eliz: I can get some beirut on for you next week !

  • Paul,
    I dropped off the Booker3 CD that was done by Cary Pierce of Jackopierce and three students from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Hopefully, you received it today and will get a chance to check it out.
    How about some old Ten Hands, like Tsumani?

  • Paul Slavens

    I got it
    No ten hands, sorry
    Tsunami? I will see if I can find some

  • Troy

    Have you ever heard of a band from the late 80’s and 90’s called Maestro Subgum and the Whole? Read about them, they’re Chicago’s 10 Hands – Here’s a recent article http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/music-notes-a-maestro-subgum-vet-keeps-it-in-the-family/Content?oid=915738

    Here’s the Amazon link to their album http://www.amazon.com/Wart-Museum-Maestro-Subgum-Whole/dp/B000008OQA

    Play “Late Night Mary”

  • Paul,
    Wasn’t trying to schmooze. Just looked up Ten Hands on Wikipedia and your name appeared. I have the casette of Big One is Coming somewhere. The album made me happy years ago. I am amazed and happy that I did not wear out the casette.

  • Tom Hayden

    That “Beatles” never broke up thing is just a mashup of post-Beatles’ songs; clever at times, but mostly dull.

    It’s worth the price (free) but I’ll be disappointed if you think any of it’s worthy of your show.

  • Paul Slavens

    no problem lee
    I just feel kinda weird about playing my music on the show

  • sarita

    Loved the tinariwen. Have you heard Vandoinmessico? Heard them at South by and was so impressed..kind of flamenco by way of Modest Mouse.
    Also, Dan Dyer’s coming to the kessler in a couple wks–how ’bout some of his new record?

  • speaking of… one of the coolest songs i ever heard was “Song to the Siren” by This Mortal Coil, it’s a cover of the Tim Buckley song with Elizabeth Frasier and Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins fame… it was a top single in the UK when it came out, and years later was featured in the David Lynch film Lost Highway

  • The Night I Killed Bubbles the Clown
    D. Anson Brody

  • Did you ever get to check out Ben Higginbotham’s music? He has original music, but only Mac and single track studio recordings. Do they have any value to you, or not until he moves it up a notch? http://www.myspace.com/benhigginbotham

  • Philip

    This radio show is so great. Long may it last in Dallas. Thnks for playing my suggestions. Your first pronunciation for Ades was correct (at least they pronounced it that way in a program I heard on WRR called SymphonyCast–awesome radio program for live classical music if you’re into a refreshing sound over the typical anodyne stuff they normally play in that station). That movement blows me away every time I hear it, but Asyla and Powder Her Face are some of my other favorites of what I heard from him.

    I’ve got a fun song suggestion for you if you can find it: “Up Above My Head” by Sister Rosetta Tharpe.


  • Paul Slavens

    thanks for all the cool suggestion
    I check out all kinds of stuff but usually only play local music that has been released in stores and online.

  • Clate

    How about… Was Not Was.
    “Kmart Wardrobe”
    that ran thru the mind this afternoon.
    me likes sweet pea atkinson and harry bowens!

  • John

    Thanks for playing that Joe Pernice tune (my suggestion from last week). If you liked that, check out his more well-known outfit, Pernice Brothers. Some catchy stuff, esp. “Somerville” from their CD Live a Little and “Saddest Quo” from CD Discover a Lovlier You (instrumental track of same name is also great).

    You may have already played this tune in the past but if not, I highly recommend “The Greatest” by Cat Power. Classic.

    Finally, I second David H.’s appreciation above for “Song of the Siren” by This Mortal Coil.

  • PeterJ

    UNKLE is James Lavelle. He has many collaborators including the likes of Autolux, Josh Homme, Ian Astbury and DJ Shadow. This track is a Lavelle/Shadow stroke of genius from the first UNKLE disc. The vid (Directed by John Glazer) is a powerful addition that brings the lyric right to the forefront.


    UNKLE’s new album can be heard at their site, http://www.unkle.com

  • Kelly Higgins

    Hey Paul, remember that song Arm For You by Cathouse? The record was called Moya. Would be nice to hear if you can find it. Good show tonight. Bjork is queen.

  • PeterJ

    I love This Mortal Coil. Ivo-Watts Russell was the mind behind the 4AD record label. Dead Can Dance, The Pixies, Coulourbox, and of course the mighty Cocteau Twins all recorded on 4AD. There were a total of 3 TMC discs and they featured various members from all the groups that recorded on 4AD.

  • Sounds reasonable. I am enjoying the show this evening. How about some Sarah Hickman to honor her being the current reigning Official State Musician of Texas, having taken over from Willie Nelson. Playing Hank3, no relation to Booker3, opens the door to musical options wider than you might imagine!

  • Oh Hell – if we’re going to listen to Merle, and thanks ! – can we step over a bit and get to hear the “Mountain Dew Song” ? I bet 7% of us know the words and can sing along, ( well 4% could, anway, maybe )

    hit it boys !

    They call it that good ol’ mountan dew,
    And them that refuse it are few.
    I’ll hush up my mug if you’ll fill up my jug
    With that good ol’ mountain dew.

  • Paul Slavens

    we might hear that next week

  • andrew

    1997 group called “16 horsepower”. Alt-Country. Southern Gothic. 5/8 time. Syncopated. Best track: ‘black soul choir’. Also: ‘heel on the shovel’ & ‘American wheeze’. Everyone check out 16 horsepower on youtube!

  • Francois & Rebecca

    Thanks for playing our requested songs, you rock !!!
    Were wondering if you could play some spaghetti western-era Ennio Morricone or even some Madness ? Cheb Mami would be cool as well. Really ejoying the show tonight. Where can we see you live these days?


  • Paul Slavens

    thanks for the great suggestions
    My CD release is June 26th at Dans Silverleaf in Denton
    that is my only scheduled performance at the moment

  • All this talk about Cocteau Twins reminds me of Japancakes. In 2007 they released a cover of “Heaven or Las Vegas” on their album Giving Machines, while gaining some notoriety for simultaneously releasing a note-for-note tribute to the My Bloody Valentine album Loveless. My favorite from their version of Loveless is “Loomer”. I also quite like a lot of their original work, my favorite being “Soft N EZ” from the album The Sleepy Strange.
    Their “secret weapon” is their steel guitar player.


  • PeterJ

    I always love the show, but tonight is stellar. I love the discoveries I hear on the radio and find here. Way cool. But don’t forget to talk up ArtandSeek.org and especially KXT too all.

    LoveYaMeanIt! g’night all.

  • Paul Slavens

    Thanks for the company
    and thanks for the great suggestions
    I will see you all back here next sunday

  • Carrie Brownfield


    Hello! I am writing on behalf of my older Brother Bryan Brownfield. My brother is not able to write for himself because he is currently serving time in Segregation in the Texas Prison System located in Tennessee Colony, Texas. The only thing that has been keeping him sane is a cheap pair of headphones and the ability to tune in to your music station on a regular basis. Currently he is locked down in solitary confinement with only those headphones, his tremendous artistic talents and our letters to keep him sane!

    Bryan is an avid listener of your station and show and has been since the station first aired last year. He loves the diversity of the music you play and would like to request a few artists he has heard a little of but would like to hear more. The following are his requests

    Sole – on anticon recoords a hip hop artist from san fransisco.

    The Super Suckers – who have somehow stayed below the radar with almost 20 indi cd’s with thei very individual Psycho Billy/ Punk/ Country sound

    The Quaby Sisters – a pretty new remale vocal group that i don’t know much about, but have a amazing vintage sound

    The Grasskers – I heard on your Mountain Stage Program and the award wining bluegrass artist blew me away.

    He mentioned that you were “practically begging people to send him stuff”. So those requested above are his suggesstions.

    You have no idea what little sense of freedom the music you play on you show has brought to my brother. He is in he process of a life chaning experience (for the better) and to know that your program has helped him through it in some way makes me eternally grateful to you and your cooworkers!

    If you could play some of these for my brother and let him know that you received them via email from his sister Carrie, that would just make his year!

    Thank you so much and keep up the great music!

    Carrie Brownfield

  • B L Zebubba

    As for the requests from Ms. Brownfield’s brother for “The Quaby Sisters”, I’ll bet she means The Quebe Sisters. You can listen to samples of and buy their music here: http://quebesistersband.com/quebe-sisters-cd.php.

    If you’re looking for a recommendation, “One More Time”, “Red Wing” and “Bonnie Kate’s Reel” from their first album sound great but don’t feature the girls’ harmonies – maybe you want to pick something else out yourself from either of their two CDs. They’re a local act – out of Burleson – and they’re getting national attention.

  • B L Zebubba

    And there’s an act, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, playing in Arlington at the Leavitt Pavilion on Sunday night, June 13; to give your audience a sense of what they’re missing by not being there, you could do worse than to play his “Humpin'”, off of “Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!”, which you can buy here: http://blackjoelewis.com/music.aspx.

    I’d watch it with playing any other tracks of his though – many won’t pass the FCC test.