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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for May 30 2010

by Paul Slavens 30 May 2010 7:41 PM

Hope your holiday is going swimmingly. Glad to have you along for some cool music on a warm evening. By the way, I just realized that July 4th is on a Sunday this year. I would love to be the party music for your Independence evening.


Goodest of evenings to you all.
Hope your holiday is going swimmingly.  Glad to have you along for some cool music on a warm evening.
By the way, I just realized that July 4th is on a Sunday this year. I would love to be the party music for your Independence evening. Got any ideas for groovy party music for the 4th ?  I’m thinking grooves and celebrations.
Let me know, we have a month on this one.

Ibrahim Ferrer, “Marieta” Ibrahim Ferrer

Air, “Cherry Blossom Girl” Talkie Walkie

Loretta Lynn, “High On A Mountain Top” Van Lear Rose

Secret Chiefs 3, “Assassin’s Blade” First Grand Constitution and Bylaws

Gene Pitney, “Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa” Gene Pitney

Magnetic Fields, “It’s a Crime” 69 Love Songs

Hooverphonic, “Vinegar & Salt” Sit Down And Listen

Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri, “Guajira En Azul” El Sonido Nuevo

Handsome Family, “So Much Wine” In The Air

Syzygys, “Fauna Grotesque” Complete Studio Recordings

Elvis Costello, “Baby Plays Around” Spike

Windy and Carl, “The Sun” Conciousness

Pizzicato Five, “La Depression” Playboy, Playgirl

George Jones, “She Thinks I Still Care” Tender Years

Stravinsky “Tango Music” Works for Piano

Kaada, “All Wrong” Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time

Spike Jones, “Cocktails For Two” The Wacky World Of Spike Jones

The Velvet Underground, “Here She Comes Now” White Light/White Heat

Mahalia Jackson, “I’m Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Song” The World’s Greatest Gospel Singer

Daniel Johnston, “Life in Vain” Fun

Satie, “Gymnopidea No. 3 Debussey” Satie Orchestral Works

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians “One Long Pair Of Eyes” Queen Elvis

Bob Wills “Stay all night” For the Last Time

Peter Gabriel, “Games Without Frontiers” Peter Gabriel

Idjah hadidjah, “Tongeret” Tongerret

Lightnin’ Hopkins, “Bald Headed Woman” Sittin’ in With

Yann Tiersen-Shannon Wright, “Dragon Fly” Yann Tiersen-Shannon


  • paul slavens

    I am here and ready to communicate
    please leave me suggestions for music to check out
    or requests and polite comments too.

  • chip

    Paul, show’s great so far tonight. Love the Loretta Lynn.

    Musical find of the week for me: Jamie Liddell. He has a new CD out (link below) but apparently he’s been around for a long time since it’s like his 10th one.


    I like the title song (Compass) a lot–listen for a bit, it shifts around a lot. At 5:33 it’s a little long so I’d suggest Coma Chameleon.

  • Francois

    Hello chief, just saying hi, will send suggestions later during the show….

  • paul slavens

    Never heard of Jamie Lidell.
    I will check it out!
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Lynne Patterson

    Play anything by Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, or David Bowie!! Would love some old Bob Wills – Texas Swing. Then try some Peter Gabriel…I love them all!

  • paul slavens

    Well Lynne, that is all pretty easily done
    tune in next week and I will do my best to comply.

  • listener mark

    Hello Paul,
    Fourth of July – X
    Democracy – Leonard Cohen (yeah, I know it’s too long but….)
    This Land Is Your Land – Woody Guthrie
    Born Free – M.I.A.


  • Francois

    Could you play that great song of Ofra Haza (Israeli singer): Im Nin’alu

  • Rick

    How about some Cat Stephens?

  • John

    Hello, Paul-
    Suggestion: “Prince Valium” by Joe Pernice off his CD, Big Tobacco. Heard it?


  • paul slavens

    have not heard that Joe Pernice song
    but I will give it a listen and probably a spin

  • Pete

    show sounds great
    Might try a recently reformed local band called Waking Norman. Album name is 2 years gone – and it’s at least 2 years old. Plenty of new stuff on itunes, youtube etc

  • Elena

    Hi Paul,
    I would love to hear the great John Grant on the show!
    Also I would highly recommend Tinariwen, a sub-Sahara blues, they are great.

  • paul slavens

    definitely gotta get some John grant on
    been hearing a lot about it
    just havent heard it yet
    thanks for the ideas

  • PeterJ

    Great show as always sir… Heard a piece earlier on the show that reminded me of an all time fav for me. Durutti Column is basically a guy named Vini Reilly. The album The Return of the Durutti Column features Vini ‘working’ with famous producer Martin Hannet (sp.?) The albums The Guitar and Other Machines, and Without Mercy are greatness as well.


  • PeterJ

    As for silly genius, also check out Allan Sherman from the 1960s. His ‘greatest hits’ is an album called My Son the Greatest. He parodies of pops and classics with a hilarious Jewish/Yiddish flare.

    The track A Waste of Money puts words the Tiaujuana Brass classic a Taste of Honey. I also but a gut to Sarah Jackman (Frera Jacques or however you spell that one, LOL) and to Al ‘n Yetta.

  • Russ

    Local singer Ginny Mac is great and a ball of energy. Best seen live, but nice just to hear too. First heard her at Taste of Addison years ago. Made a one-song video and DVD of that. Should have thought of her earlier. http://www.ginnymac.com/

  • Rebeca


    How about some Shonen Knife or Charlatans UK? Some Wonderstuff might also be fun.

    Thank you ever so!


  • Katie

    Driving home to Austin from Southlake. Great to hear Stay a Little Longer – thanks for playing such a delightful mix!

  • paul slavens

    thanks everybody
    some cool suggestions
    as always thanks for the links
    they are helpful

  • Bobby-Lee (B L) Zebubba

    Enjoying thr eclecticism of today’s show – from Ibrahim Ferrer (was it?) to Air to Loretta Lynn to Velvet Underground to Eric Satie (sp?) to ….

    Unfortunately I can’t return the favor with any suggestions at the moment. I went through Decatur this weekend so I was looking for songs with that in the lyrics but, alas, there’s nothing that passes the Pat Boone test. So I’ll keep lookin’ for somethin’ else in the meantime. You seem to be doin’ well enough without my contributions.

  • Bobby-Lee (B L) Zebubba

    Here’s an idea: Bettye Lavette was sounding husky today on “Wait, Wait – Don’t Tell Me”; how ’bout picking out something of hers for us?

    I’m enjoying this blues piece playing right now.

  • belina zerdelija

    last night Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. Eurovision is the biggest music competition in Europe. The winning song “Satellite” sung by Lena is a very catchy song. Just check it out. There were really many good songs this year.

  • Romer

    How about some Susan Tedeschi in an upcoming week?! Too many good choices from which to choose, but the haunting and minor-key blues leanings of “Looking for Answers” is somehow stuck in my mind. How such a seemingly gentle and unassuming soul can produce such a powerful vocal delivery is beyond me.