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Paul Slavens Live Blog May 23

by Paul Slavens 23 May 2010 7:52 PM

Hey, Paul’s on the air on KXT 91.7 – and on the blog here. Join in, leave a music suggestion, comment on what he’s playing or check out Paul’s comments.


Good evening, I have an interesting mix of tunes tonite, mostly from suggestions by friends and listeners.
In fact this is the perfect place to leave your suggestions and polite comments for me (and everyone) to see.
New to me this week:
Sandy Bull
Project Trio
Big Boys
Cedric Watson
GG Allin

  • paul slavens

    hey folks lets go
    gimme some great suggestions

  • Anne Bothwell

    Hey Paul,
    Welcome to the new Art&Seek!

  • Alan

    Paul – Got any Vespertine-era Bjork?

  • aka_ces

    Low Tide —

    Early this morning on “Undercurrents” there was an extremely long, simple, and repetitive instrumental that began sometime after 1:30AM. At 2:00AM, the show? station? went silent until about 2:20AM. I didn’t hear any mention of what was played, and don’t recall any announcer between 2:20AM and about 3am.

    The Undercurrents play lists for the hours preceding did not signal me to an obvious song identity. To me, it sounded like something from Springsteen, but not clear on that.

    Anyone have any idea what the song was and what happened at 2:00 AM?

  • Paul’s show and this new Art&Seek digs feel so comfy and cool on this hot May Sunday night…YAY! “Come on baby, play that song!”…

  • paul slavens

    I do have some vespertine
    but it will have to wait a couple weeks
    check back in a fortnight

  • andrew

    I hear a song on 91.7 yesterday called “whole lotta losin'”, by ‘monsters of folk’. Great sound.

  • Philip

    Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve suggested anything. I’ve got a few requests. Obscure stuff as usual. You don’t have to do all of them:

    *”Alone,” either Colin Newman’s version or This Mortal Coil.
    *”Violin Concerto: Rings,” Thomas Adès (composer), the movement is only 4 min, so it’s not too long.
    *”Rocket Number Nine,” Sun Ra
    *”The Calling (Mk II),” Nada

    None of the songs have any cussing. Thanks man. Awesome show as always.

  • Philip

    Ooh, forgot two more suggestions:

    Andreya Triana, and Tracy Thorn. Thanks

  • paul slavens

    thanks Philip
    this is great
    very helpful

  • belina zerdelija

    I really like the Afro-Peruvian singer Susana Baca. I listened to her for the first time on a Putumayo CD (Music from the Coffee Land).
    I love her song “Maria Lando”. you can hear it on the video below:


  • Hi, Paul…I really enjoy your program. I am a local artist currently attempting to write, record, mix, and publish a new song every day (since July 1, 2009…I just completed song #327). I’d love to have your comments on this project.


    PS: I’d also like to request Sun 60, The Swirlies, and Sebadoh.

  • Can you play some Hank Williams III? Thanks Paul