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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for May 16, 2010

by Paul Slavens 16 May 2010 6:58 PM

Hope you are having a groovy weekend. Got some great music for us to listen to tonight. New to me: The Beaten Sea, Shugo Tokumaru, Oscar Lopez, Two Lone Swordsmen, T Model Ford and Sam Amidon.


Hey there,
Hope you are having a groovy weekend. Got some great music for us to listen to tonight.
Here is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions – please give us a link to where the music can be bought or listened to.
New to me: The Beaten Sea, Shugo Tokumaru, Oscar Lopez, Two Lone Swordsmen, T Model Ford and Sam Amidon.

Tonight’s set list:

Warren Zevon, “Werewolves Of London (2007 Remastered),” Excitable Boy
CocoRosie, “Hopscotch,” Grey Oceans
Ornette Coleman, “Lonely Woman,” The Shape Of Jazz To Come

The Beaten Sea, “Grave Clothes,” The Beaten Sea
Jean-Michel Jarre, “Téo & Téa,” Téo & Téa
Laura Nyro, “Lonely Women,” Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
Shugo Tokumaru, “Future Umbrella,” Exit

Miike Snow, “Animal,” Miike Snow
Oscar Lopez, “Merenguiando Baby,” My Destiny
Pink Floyd, “Matilda Mother,” The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
George Jones, “Why Baby Why,” All-Time Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Captain Beefheart, “Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles,” The Big Lebowski
Two Lone Swordsmen, “It’s Not the Worst I’ve Looked (Lali Puna remix),” I Thought I Was Over That
Roxy Music, “Do the Strand,” For Your Pleasure

Múm, “If I Were A Fish,” Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know
Ferrante & Teicher, “Stars In My Eyes,” Heavenly Sounds In Hi-Fi
Johnny Cash, “If I Were A Carpenter (with June Carter Cash),” The
Essential Johnny Cash

The Apples In Stereo, “Time Pilot,” Travelers in Space and Time

Spooky Folk, “Darkest Shade Of Gray,” Spooky Folk
Cocteau Twins And Harold Budd, “Eyes Are Mosaics,” The Moon And The Melodies
T-Model Ford, “My Babe,” The Ladies Man
Deerhoof, “Hot Mint Air Balloon,” Green Cosmos

The Knife, “Neverland,” Silent Shout – Limited Deluxe Edition
Tom Jones, “Delilah,” Greatest Hits: Platinum Edition
Sam Amidon, “How Come That Blood,” I See The Sign

  • Hey everybody
    lets hear it

  • Hudman

    Paul – You gotta play “Rainbow in the Dark” or something by Ronnie James Dio in honor of his passing this morning……Thank you…….DH

  • Wayne

    I have to make sure you know about three of the most amazing voices out there in the folk world. All three are Texas residents. All three are Kerrville New Folk Winners. Two are a married couple living in D/FW, even.

    Tom Prasada-Rao, Cary Cooper. and bettysoo

    Betty does the most polite sounding psychotic angry break up song ever, Tiny Little Secrets. She also does an amazingly poignant song that could be the logical descendant of Janis Ians’ Seventeen., called Never The Pretty Girl.

    Tom is pretty incredible as well. From him I recommend Falling Star, Part Of Me, and Rishi’s Garden.

    Cary is Tom’s wife and also reamarkable in her own right. From her I’d say Yellow is the most obnoxiously catchy song ever. But I’d also recommend All Her Angels.

    Try them out

  • Good Evening Paul-My wife and I have decided to spend the evening with you out on our back deck. The soundtrack so far is perfect! How about possilby digging out a deep Wall of Voodoo cut?
    Take Care!

    • not tonite Im afraid, but I will get one on for you next week
      perfect night for the deck, thanks for having me along

  • I will see if they have music to download

  • Hudman

    Paul – When you get the chance, I would love for you to pull an oldie from Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull…….Takes me back………

    • I am an old tull fan from way back
      I will get something tasty on for you next week

  • Hudman

    Paul – Would love to hear some modern-day zydeco music….See what you can find……….

  • Hudman

    Paul – Sometime in future weeks, I would love to hear some Lowell George and Little Feat as well…….Thanks for the great diversity in music you play each week……Keeps me coming back…………DH

  • Hudman

    Paul – Is the break you’re taking from Dan’s on Monday nights indefinite?……What do you have going on musically right now?

    • well, not really the forum for that stuff but
      I am putting out a CD and will be having some release concerts in June

  • Randy Wilson

    Killing tonight so far, Paul. That Bryan Ferry song was pimp-a-liciuos.

  • Hudman

    Thanks for the update…….I look forward to both the cd and the concerts……..

  • Randy Wilson

    And in appreciation of the previous commenter, yes Lowell would be awfully nice.

  • Annabel

    Hi Paul,
    Great show tonight! Ever heard of “Project”? It’s an awesome, little-known trio of a beat-boxing flutist, a cellist, and a bassist–not sure if it’s your type of music, but you should check it out!

  • Mark Evans

    Thinking about the old daze “Ten Hands” at DADA and Popsicle Toes…..
    How about some Brand X in the near future.
    Great show. Always a pleasure. Always good to hear Roxy Music and Eno!

    • I got just tha Brand X track for you
      next week my friend

  • Duy

    What song played at about 7:36? With “animal” in the lyrics. Also, why doesn’t KXT post the playlist on the weekends?

    • that was Miike Snow
      from their self titled album
      the song was Animal

  • Duy

    make that 8:36

  • Russell

    Dr. Paul,
    Your eclecticism knows no bounds. I am among the grateful, traveling with you in taste beyond the zone where buses run. Austin knows; he told me. Cynarae remains, and grows more ancient by dawn and by dark. Townes and Blaze abide, as does The Dude, and all those in the ‘tween, Levon at the Helm steering SXSW to Papeete, Kottke ever lurking above the horizon as The Tallest Man rises on a different plane. In appreciation ….

    • some wonderful ideas in that little ramble
      thanks so very much

  • Hudman

    Paul – Would love for you to play something from Mingo Fishtrap……Throw some love their way………………

  • d.j.whynott

    please play insrumantal guitarist Sandy Bull.

  • where is tonight’s playlist posted?

    • Stephen Becker

      Pamitha – We’ll be posting tonight’s playlist at the end of the show. We wanna keep ya guessing!

    • Paul used to post them on MySpace or FB ahead of time.

      • Stephen Becker

        Well – to pull back the curtain a little bit – because of public broadcasting rules, we’re not allowed to publish set lists before the songs air. I know we used to, but then, well, we found out we weren’t supposed to…

        • I am kinda 50/50 on this
          it is kinda cool to be able to see the playlist during the show
          but it is also cool to have it be a bit of a surprise.

          oh , well, all you gotta do is check back after the show goes off the air and you can see everything

  • Randy Wilson

    Also, please consider setting aside the ego and playing some Ten Hands… ya know we want it!

    • hmmmm

      or not

    • Randy Wilson

      Poorly worded on my part… but it would still be awesome to hear some Hands one lovely Sunday!

  • Rebecca

    Hiya, Paul.

    Been a while since I troubled you with a request, but am greatly anticipating the World Cup in South Africa next month, so would love to hear some Hugh Masekela.

    Wouldn’t mind some new Tracey Thorne and, if you could manage some Dead Can Dance, that would be fine.

    Thanks ever so!


    • these are resonable requests
      dont wait so long next time !

  • jobo mojo

    got some sandy bull here in argyle

  • Randy Wilson

    Any Jerry Goldsmith that you have handy would make once listener real happy

  • Hudman

    Weird Al Yankovich — Albuquerque……..

  • Randy Wilson

    < I like the surprise element, i.e. not seeing the playlist until after the show. One man, one vote…

  • Hudman

    Albuquerque — Weird Al Yankovich

  • Mike Colorado

    Very cool song on right now! where’s my pistols!

  • Hudman

    Great show tonight……..Really enjoying it!

  • Randy Wilson

    Oh by the way, Paul … there’s a song from “Mystery of Edwin Drood” that would fit right in with your show. It’s called “Wages of Sin” sung by Cleo Laine.

  • Thanks for a fun evening
    keep the suggestions coming during the week
    love and life yall

  • Randy Wilson

    Peace, great show again, g’nite

  • Awesome set tonight! I’d love to hear some Florence & The Machine next week! “Cosmic Love” seriously blows my mind.