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Tonight on KERA FM: The Writers Studio Interview with Rick Moody

by Anne Bothwell 13 May 2010 1:59 PM

“The Writers Studio” continues tonight at 8 on KERA FM. This evening’s guest is Rick Moody, author of “The Ice Storm.”


Week two of The Writers Studio continues at 8 tonight on KERA radio with guest Rick Moody. Special thanks to the show’s producers,  The Writer’s Garret.

From the show’s program notes:

The noted novelist and short story writer, Rick Moody, is best known for The Ice Storm, translated into the critically-acclaimed film directed by the Oscar-winning Ang Lee and starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver. Born into a family of book lovers, Moody started two novels when only in the sixth grade. Although never finished, these early attempts interject into the interview some genuinely comical moments that evolve into meditations on the nature of reading, writing, critiquing, and teaching. Moody, an extremely candid and personal guest, discusses family, bouts with depression, New England and Nathaniel Hawthorne, 9/11, Vietnam, literary training, and his fervent belief in the value of mentoring and social responsibility. Later as an adult employed with Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, Moody finally did complete his first full-length novel, Garden State, which won the Pushcart Editor’s Choice Award. This led Moody down a path of self-examination on the page that has served him and his readers well. His “compulsively readable” memoir The Black Veil, about his struggles with substance abuse, received the PEN / Martha Albrand Award, and Moody’s work has been translated into 20 languages and garnered many awards including the Paris Review Aga Khan Prize. This Writers Studio quietly captures the audience with a tone of irony, humor, and grace.

Next week:  Paul Rusesabagina

The Writers Studio is produced by The Writer’s Garret. Inspired by The New School’s Inside the Actors Studio on Bravo Television, The Writers Studio showcases some of the most unforgettable voices in contemporary literature.   These recordings were taken from the original series of the same name presented live in Dallas at Theatre Three between late 2006 through early 2009, and have never before been aired through broadcast or webcast. With alternating radio co-hosts Kim Malcolm and Catherine Cuellar, and Humanities expert Randy Gordon, the Writers Studio conducts fascinating and insightful interviews that delve into the most personal aspects of a writer’s work. The tone of each Studio is confidential, probing, and real.