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The Paul Slavens Show: May 2 2010 Live Blog

by Paul Slavens 2 May 2010 6:51 PM

Happy May everyone, its a lovely night, kick back and check out some tunes, take a second and leave a nice comment or some suggestions for music to play on this show new to me this week: Angus & Julia Stone Birdsong at Morning Robyn &Royksopp


Happy May everyone, its a lovely night, kick back and check out some tunes, take a second and leave a nice comment or some suggestions for music to play on this show
new to me this week:
Angus & Julia Stone
Birdsong at Morning
Robyn &Royksopp

  • hey there
    nice to be here
    I need fresh suggestions y’all
    leave a link if you can

  • Ashley

    Hi Paul! Love your show. For Mother’s Day’s show next week, wouldn’t it be a great idea to play “Momma,” off of Jill Allison Bryan’s Dancing in Limbo CD? I am a mom and a daughter and I would really love to hear it! Thank you, Ashley

  • Kelly H

    Claudine Longet was charged with shooting Olympic skier Jean Claude Killy. SNL did a memorable bit about it, featuring skiers crashing after a cut out of Claudine appeared and shot them.

    Just hearing the intro to some version of Matte Kudasai and it’s cool.

    • Kelly H

      Sorry, it was Spider Sabich. And Longet was convicted in his death, but not for murder.

    • she just killed him, she didnt murder him

    • Kelly H

      She had a good lawyer, but it looks to an outsider like she murdered him. The jury missed out on good evidence because the cops were over-eager.

  • Wilbur

    Somosuno and Legsweeper

  • Mike W

    Hey P, just discovered this recently:
    David Behrman–Leapday Night

    cool organ/trumpet/elctronics mix from the 90s

  • belina zerdelija

    how about some Goran Bregovic ? beautiful music from the Balkans.

  • Romer

    Good evening! How about some JJ Grey and Mofro — “Everything Good Is Bad” from the wonderful “Orange Blossoms” release from a few years ago?

  • Mike W

    Why is Robert Gomez not better known? Amazingly talented guy.
    That Messiaen piece was beautiful.

    • you got me, I played in his band, his stuff is lovely and complex
      the messiaen is well worth listening to the whole Quartet for the End of Time

  • Johnna Smith

    pour me up a mojito.

  • Dan

    we the people demand more elmore james (and little walter and willie dixon)

    • your demands will be considered by the powers that be

    • Dan

      and some otis redding too

  • Jeremy

    Play something by camera obscura! Thanks!

  • Alice Derbyshire

    Hi Paul and all listeners, I invite you to hear a rare sound next Friday, May 7, St. Stephens Presbyterian in Fort Worth 7:30 ; May 8, Saturday, Dallas, Christ Episcopal 7:30 ; or Sunday, May 9 6:00 p.m. Denton. The Dutch mandolin orchestra ONI is performing works from 17th century baroque, to two new compositions from the 21st century. ONI is the only Dutch mandolin orchestra to ever perform on American soil, and North Texas is privileged to have them. They bring me to tears, the sound is so exquisite.

  • Alice Derbyshire

    P.S. The Dutch mandolin orchestra concerts are all FREE!

  • Paul,

    Please play Bad Design (Denton, tx) or your radio show!



  • B L Zebubba

    Didn’t catch the entire show Sunday but I did enjoy the Bosque Brown and Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy”, both recently requested by yours truly, just when I feared I’d become an annoyance to you and your audience….

    That singer for Bosque Brown – what a unique voice and phrasing; who’d a thunk Stephenville could produce such a unique talent.

    Because the playlist hasn’t posted yet I don’t know what else you got to,
    but I guess I owe you at least one new suggestion. How ’bout this: somehow recently I’ve developed a favorable impression of a local talent, one Maren Morris. Apparently she’s played in the KXT studios; if you don’t already have a copy of her CD you can get it at these places:

    Target – http://www.target.com/s/176-1129649-3197467?_encoding=UTF8&search-alias=tgt-index&keywords=maren%20morris&ref=sr_bx_1_1_0&searchNodeID=1038576|1287991011&searchPage=1;

    I-tunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-that-it-takes/id262260871.

    In listening to the tracks she posted on her MySpace page (http://www.myspace.com/marenmorris) I found several pedestrian tunes but I think “All That It Takes” and “Down on My Knees” to be noteworthy; these are both on her most recent album “Maren”.

    Her KXT performance is posted on her MySpace page; there’s a plain guy in a white shirt sitting in the background outside the studio – I wonder of that’s a security guard, or her dad? Maybe he’s both. Dad in the entourage: hmmmm.

    She’s apparently headed back to Europe in August. Clearly the young lady has talent.

    • Romer

      When does the playlist get posted? We’re nearing the following week’s show!