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Thursday Morning Roundup

by Anne Bothwell 29 Apr 2010 7:30 AM

Arts news from around North Texas.


10-Year Review: Miguel Harth-Bedoya celebrates his 1oth anniversary with the Fort Worth Symphony this summer.  The Star-Telegram‘s  Andrew Marton reviews his accomplishments and analyzes his impact, including his role in promoting Latin American music.    Fort Worth Weekly’s Kristian Lin spent a week with the maestro and links his style – pragmatic attention to detail –  to the orchestra’s rise in prestige.  Both pieces looked for downsides and found few, considering a decade-long tenure.  The globetrotting conductor doesn’t always receive rave reviews, Marton notes.  Lin cites a personnel issue involving a trumpeter and a union complaint.   A little bonus: here’s Harth-Bedoya talking to Jerome about his “Caminos del Inka” project.

This and That: The Morning News lists  upcoming gigs by  Texas artists….Elaine Liner reviews Uptown’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels…It’s almost Comic Book Day! Where to celebrate.

New Music: Fort Worth’s Herb Levy has been working hard to promote New Music in our area.  This weekend, he pulls together a  a two-day show called Other Texas Music Anthology.  The lineup includes James Talambas (The Theater Fire) and Paul Thomas, FWSO bassist Paul Unger and “chordal-drummer Max Opean, Hentai Improvising Orchestra and many more.  Details here.

Revelations: Much of the political ground Laura Bush covers in her  new memoir Spoken From the Heart feels “carefully prepared and vetted,” says  Michiko Kakutani of the NY Times.  But Bush’s description running a stop sign at 17 and the subsequent accident that killed her good friend is “remarkably raw.”  Bush writes:

“I can never absolve myself of the guilt. And the guilt isn’t simply from Mike dying. The guilt is from all the implications, from the way those few seconds spun out and enfolded so many other lives. The reverberations seem to go on forever, like the ripples from an unsinkable stone.”