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Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for April 25 2010

by Paul Slavens 25 Apr 2010 7:13 PM

What a beautiful weekend ! Hope you are relaxing and ready to check out some interesting music. This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions, please leave links on where music can be purchased if you can. New to me this week: Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars Little Dragon Marc Blitzstein […]


What a beautiful weekend ! Hope you are relaxing and ready to check out some interesting music.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions,
please leave links on where music can be purchased if you can.

New to me this week:
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars
Little Dragon
Marc Blitzstein


Joanna Newsom “’81” Have One On Me
Gotan Project “Peligo” Tango 3.0
Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions “Gypsy Woman” The Anthology 1961-1977 (Disc 1)
St. Vincent “The Strangers” Actor

The Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars “Oruwiebie / Magazine” Bobo Medley Rise & Shine
The Beatles “Long, Long, Long” The Beatles
Blonde Redhead + Devastations “When The Road Runs Out” Dark Was The Night (Red Hot Compilation)
Bill Monroe “I’m Sittin’ on Top of the World” Anthology (1950-1981) D1

JiIl Allison Bryan “Dancing in Limbo” Dancing in Limbo
The Temptations “Psychedelic Shack” 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection
Syzygys “Gyoji” Complete Studio Recordings
Little Dragon “Twice” Little Dragon

Rufus Wainwright “Who Are You New York?” All Days Are Nights: Songs For Lulu
Carla Bley “Walking Batteriewoman” Social Studies

Tom Waits “The Black Rider” Black Rider
Ellen Allien & Apparat “Sleepless” Orchestra Of Bubbles
John Williams “The Land Of The Sand People” Star Wars
Efterklang “Full Moon” Magic Chairs

Smile Smile “Tempo Bledsoe” Truth On Tape
Owen Pallett ‘Keep The Dog Quiet’ Heartland
Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” Death To The Pixies
William Sharp, Karen Holvik, Steven Blier “Nickel Under The Foot” Blitzstein: Zipperfly And Other Songs

Brad Mehldau “John Boy” Highway Rider
The Hope Trust “Two In The Bush” The Incurable Want
Squarepusher “Quadrature” Just A Souvenir
Three Dog Night “Mama Told Me” (Not to Come) The Complete Hit Singles

  • lets go, I really need some suggestions
    Fresh music !!!!!!

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    Check out Kot’n Katie and Kali Kazoo who also work with John Kricfalusi of Ren and Stimpy fame , here is my space music page http://www.myspace.com/kotnkazoo

  • Cindy Chaffin

    “Sittin’ on Top of the World” = fabby!

  • Kevin Kunreuther

    my fave cut is Blue Prairie

  • GI

    Hey Paul, love the show. If you have a sec chk out the track “Blue & Grey” on our Facebook page, I think you will enjoy it, and love to get you a copy if so to play (just email me if you want it). The band split up a few year’s back but we’re releasing a rarities collection and reuniting for a show in our home city of Dallas. More info below…Thx, and have a great night!

    Originally released on 2005’s Swallowing The Pill (Brando Records), Blue & Grey started out as a stripped down song, encompassing only vocals and piano. Shortly after the album’s release the band revisited the track enhancing it with additional instrumentation and re-mixing it into its current form. Produced by David Castell, the song features a brilliantly played piano track by the late Carter Albrecht, and a mix of cellos by local musician Sara Donaldson.

    This version of the song will be released publicly for the first time on May 1, 2010 as a part of Letters That Were Never Sent [Circa Swallowing The Pill], a three part rarities collection the band is releasing independently via its web site southfm.com

    SouthFM will reunite for one show to celebrate the release of “Letters” on June 12, 2010 at the Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas

    • I will surely check this out
      good on you, Dave C is a good buddy of mine

    • GI

      Excellent! Of course I am biased but IMO it’s one of the best tracks Dave has ever produced, he did an incredible job on it



  • I’d like to hear Dear Human! http://dearhuman.org/
    I lost my CD…

  • Mike W

    Hey P–
    the new Caribou album “Swim” has a lot of good songs on it

  • Great show tonight, Paul. Check out Digital Love by Bronze Radio Return. East coast band out of Philly with a great sound

  • Kay turned me on to Gary Numan’s “Hybrid.” It’s an ’03 remix CD set of some of Numan’s more well known stuff. Fairly hypnotizing and, hey, It’s new to me. “Down in the Park” remixed by Curve especially got my attention.

  • Hey Paul – thanks so much for sharing my new CD with your listeners!

    Serendipitous timing too – just happened to be driving home with my 10 year old daughter when you played “Dancing In Limbo” and you seriously raised my “cool cred” for a mom.

    p.s. – The Bryan family trio was chair dancing in the car to Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars – dug it we did.

    • thanks for the cool music
      just got your cd in my mailbox at kxt tonite when I showed up
      I was sure I had a copy at home
      maybe its old age

  • B L Zebubba

    “Twas good to hear that little dash of Aerosmith a couple of weeks ago – I and your audience’s souls are better off for it (from my perspective anyway). Not sure why your masters down at the station excised your related “spandex” remark along with my response on this blog but who cares?

    Since you’ve asked for more suggestions, additional delicate harmonies and soul enrichment from the boys can be found in the precious little ditty “Sick as a Dog” off of their classic “Rocks”; you mentioned you had a collection of theirs, and I expect you can buy this seminal rock collection at many places but here’s a purchase reference just in case: http://www.buymusichere.net/rel/v2_viewupc.php?storenr=23&upc=07464573632.

    Also, your colleague Ms. Moscoro played a wonderful piece of country-rock, “Little Too Rough” from the EP “Dirty Blonde Hair”, the other morning by one Jamie Wilson, a member of quasi-local (Austin) outfit The Trishas; methinks her work bears repeating on your show. You can buy it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dusty-shoes/id367685057?i=367685495&ign-mpt=uo%3D6.

    And I recently came across a fine snarky tune from the man in black (no, not that man in black): Leonard Cohen, “Democracy” (which can be bought here: http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Leonard-Cohen/dp/B00006NSH8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1272246859&sr=1-3#moreAboutThisProduct), noteworthy for the following lines I love:

    ♫ “… from the homicidal bitchin’
    that goes down in every kitchen …”

    And lastly, how ’bout more stuff from your Track-by-Track subjects? For instance I can’t remember the last time I heard anything from Bosque Brown; we should hear more.

    Well that’s it from me this week – I’m off to the not-so-great suburban outdoors for a little while with my radio Discman. So if you miss me, remember: just because I ain’t a-writin’ doesn’t mean I’m not a-listenin’. And, as always: you can never play too much seventies Aerosmith. Never. Ever.

    • I cant say I know what happens to blog posts, I dont administer them
      everything gets reviewed I think
      thanks for the nice long post and suggestions

    • btw
      I love Democracy
      probably the most played LC song on the history of my show

    • B L Zebubba

      That just exposes me for being a fairly recent convert to your show; my compliments.

      If “Democracy”‘s thereby disqualified then, well, how ’bout “Tower of Song”?

    • B L Zebubba

      Re: blog edit

      Maybe Steven Tyler was listening in via the internet and took offense.

    • B L Zebubba

      Crazy old man that he is.

  • Yimmy

    hi, Paul
    I’d like to hear the classic blues tune “Part Time Love” by Little Johnny Taylor and some Leon Redbone.

  • Bo Bartlett

    Hi Paul. How about playing some roomsforghost(s) aka Danny Duncan?

    • well, never heard of it
      will have to check it out

  • belina zerdelija

    please check out this song.
    it is one of my favorites.
    Country : Albania
    Sang by Vikena Kamenica


    • far out
      i will chek it out when i get home

  • B L Zebubba

    The piano piece that just ended – that was nice.

  • B L Zebubba

    Aah – Three Dog Night; I think that was the first album I ever owned. Was thinking about them the other day, trying to remember the names of their three singers: Chuck Negron, Cory Wells and … and … ummmm?

  • B L Zebubba

    They were also the first concert I ever saw – it was at McFarlin Auditorium. My mom took me (a-hem)!

  • thanks yall
    see you back here next week
    keep adding on suggestions during the week
    good night

  • lance

    hey paul.
    your show is often the highlight of my sunday evenings.
    thought you might dig this japanese percussion/horn band called the thrill. not to be confused with thrill, the thrills, my life with the thrill kill kult or anyone who has ever played the thrill is gone. they’re most well known for doing the soundtrack for an anime series called blue submarine no. 6, but otherwise very hard to find anything else they’ve done. recently someone put up some videos of their live recordings, and my interest is piqued, but alas i can’t find any of their newer albums for the life of me.

    here’s the links for a recording session:

    and a video:

  • Romer

    Paul, for next week, how about “Saturday Sun” from Crowded House’s upcoming album, Intriguer. It sounds like a bit of tastefully-done vocoder and electronica elements in the mix, but the overall sound is still unmistakably CH. Low-quality audio of the song can be found here:


    I’ll be eager to hear the full album with the influence of Jim Scott as producer on this one. It sounds as though its release date may be in mid-June throughout much of the world. The word is that some unexpected twists and turns and some songs that sound like nothing the band has attempted before will appear, so here’s hoping for some richly-textured soundscapes and high-quality material . . .

    Really enjoy the genius that is Neil Finn. Recently read that the band will be here in Dallas at the HOB on 5 August. Any chance of the station getting him or the band in for an in-studio interview/performance?!

    If you don’t yet have the new song, how about “Where Is My Soul” from the Kiwi band, the Finn Brothers [or the FB’s “Angels Heap” (live Neil Finn & Friends/”7 Worlds Collide” version can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgltUiAEykI&fmt=18)]?


  • Hey Paul,

    My band, The Beaten Sea, just put out it’s first album. Could we send it to you for you to consider playing on your show? If so, where do we send it?