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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for April 11, 2010

by Paul Slavens 11 Apr 2010 6:56 PM

What a lovely evening, hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready to check out some cool tunes. This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions here. Please give links to where music can be purchased if you can. Thanks. Ok lets go. New to me this week: Spooky […]


What a lovely evening, hope you have had a wonderful weekend and are ready to check out some cool tunes.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions here. Please give links to where music can be purchased if you can.


Ok lets go.
New to me this week:
Spooky Folk
Yesterday’s New Quintet
Alexander “Skip” Spence

I’ll also be spinning a track by Sarah Jaffe who was my featured guest on the latest edition of Track by Track.

Nina Simone “See-Line Woman” The Best Of Nina Simone
Thievery Corporation “Sound The Alarm” Radio Retaliation
Spooky Folk “Rare Bird” Spooky Folk
Mexican Institute Of Sound “Cumbia” Soy Sauce

Peter Gabriel “Heroes” Scratch My Back
Yann Tiersen “Les Jours Tristes” (Instrumental) Amélie
R.B. Greaves “Take A Letter, Maria” Atlantic Top 60: Sweat-Soaked Soul Classics
Mount Righteous “We’re All Going Crazy” Mount Righteous

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton “Rowboat” (Album Version) What Is Free To A Good Home?
Squarepusher “Arterial Fantasy” Numbers Lucent
The Who “Behind Blue Eyes” Who’s Next

Aerosmith “No More No More” Toys In The Attic
Asha Bhosle “Geet Sunoge Huzoor” Rocky
Juilliard String Quartet “Quartet No. 13 in Bb Major, Op. 130 II. Presto” Beethoven: The Late String Quartets
Charlie Rich “Mohair Sam” Feel Like Going Home: The Essential Charlie Rich

Jethro Tull “The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles” Passion Play
Faron Young “Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young” The Complete Capitol Hits Of Faron Young
ZZ Top “Manic Mechanic” Chrome, Smoke & BBQ Disc 2

Sarah Jaffe “Vulnerable” Suburban Nature
Thelonious Monk Quartet “Epistrophy” (Live – (complete bonus track) At The Blackhawk
Alexander “Skip” Spence “Cripple Creek” Oar

Halls of the Machine “Dark Shores” Atmospheres for Lovers and Sleepers
Johnnie Taylor “Disco Lady” Eargasm
Yma Sumac “Tumpa” (Earthquake) Ultimate Collection

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea “Brand New Hairdo” Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian
Jenny Wilson “Pass Me The Salt” Hardships!
I Am Robot And Proud “Count To Six” (The Uberkids) You Make Me This Happy
Dean Martin “Houston” Dino: The Essential Dean Martin
Felix Kubin “Too Technical” Matki Wandalki

  • am especially interested in tracks that arent characteristic of the artist performing them. You know, a track that if you didnt know who did it, you wouldnt be able to guess.
    aside from that , anything you want

    • B L Zebubba

      Uh-oh – could this be … the faintest glimmer of … a THEME?

    • sometimes I will use a theme to generate a bunch of suggestions,
      then spread them out over several shows.
      Dont worry, I am still mostly non-theme.

    • Alice Derbyshire

      For something completely different, the oldest mandolin orchestra in the Netherlands is coming to Denton, May 9, 6:00 First Presbyterian on University Drive. (Well, they’ll also be in Fort Worth and Dallas, May 7&8).
      Their repertoire ranges from English baroque to ink-still-drying 21st century. Beautiful, shimmery, unique sound, and a rare genre in the U.S. May I bring you a sample to hear?

  • B L Zebubba

    Aerosmith – whoa! I can’t wait to hear which work of theirs passes muster with J Paul Slavens! Hopefully it’s from their glory years – yes. that’s right: the seventies! What would teenage suburban life in America in the seventies have been without Aerosmith?

    I’m curious about the newest(?) from Ms. Jaffe too – what a local treasure.

  • HFF

    How bout some High Five Family??

    Push the Space Bar!

    Hope you enjoy the CD.


    • got it but didnt get to it.
      you are on the master pile.

  • B L Zebubba

    And this playing now – it would be the Thievery Corporation (according to the little window at the top right of the KXT web-site)? It’s kinda good.

  • Mike W

    Hey P–I’d like to hire you to book the music for the Main Street Arts Festival. Every year they have the same tired crap. This year was particularly bad save Kelly Willis and Brave Combo. On a more positive note, Denton’s own Seryn were terrific at the Modern til Midnight last night.

    • well, that would be an interesting challenge.
      I would love it

  • B L Zebubba

    “Take a Letter, Maria” – always wondered who did this. Love the brass – a rarity now-a-days.

  • Stephen Douglas


    Good to hear your show again! Richard would like to thank you for playing “Eldorado” a few shows ago, one of his all-time favorites!

    He has a special request this week. “Have You Heard Pt. 2” from The Moody Blues “Caught Live + Five.” That specific version. I know it’s a tall order, but I’m just passing the message along.

    Also a correction to my relating his request a few weeks ago: it is “My Marge” not “My Mirage” by The Move. Maybe the correct title will make it easier for you to locate?

    Let me know on this, Paul, will you?

    Thanks again!

    • coolio ,
      I will look into these, that correction should help the search

    • paul slavens

      hey, hope you see this.
      I am gonna play Marge this sunday

  • Mike W

    Emily Haines is the daughter of poet Paul Haines, most famous for doing Escalator Over The Hill with Carla Bley.

    • Edgar

      That is so interesting.

  • B L Zebubba

    Ah, yes – H Tim Sorea; I’ve been caught.

    “Ain’t my life a screamer – bound to a rockin’ marriage.” I think he speaks the truth here.

    I hadn’t heard the piano coming through this clearly before – which recording did this come from?

    Killer guitar solo at the end. I think this may the most raucous thing you’ve ever played on htis show, no?

    • Hmm not sure about that
      but it is right up there on the spandex-pants-o-meter

    • B L Zebubba

      They could come onstage in Depends and they’d still sound terrific.

  • Russ

    Brandi Carlile, or iTunes. Doesn’t sound like everyone else. Also heard some great Jonni Lang at FW Art Fest, blew everyone away.

    • Im looking at her album right now, its in the control room, I will try and swipe a copy or just listen online

  • Mike W

    Can’t remember hearing Peruvian singer Susana Baca on your show:

    great voice

  • B L Zebubba

    And some Indian music – an interesting turn.

    May I be so bold as to tell folks there’s a commercial station in town that plays mostly Indian and other south Asian music? It’s kinda cute – I was pleasantly surprised to find it during one of those few moments I wasn’t listening to KERA/KXT.

    Interestingly the south Asian station broadcasts on the same frequency as one of the DFW airport air traffic control authorities. When listening where I do you’ll be thinking “Hey, this raga stuff’s kinda beguiling” and then along comes “Delta 547 cleared to 170”. So, all in all it’s kinda funky.

  • Dell

    What about some Broken Bells or Steve Forbert?

    • Dell

      or Gov’t Mule doing “Jesus Just Left Chicago”

  • ok
    I will look into it

  • aka_ces

    Re the song just played, by an artist you hadn’t heard before, asking for info: you may have already factored this in, but the music is the same as a track from Dylan’s “John Wesley Harding”

  • aka_ces

    test comment

  • Stephen

    Skip Spence wrote a song for Jefferson Airplane back in 66 and more for a few other bands in the 70s. Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees covered Cripple Creek a few years ago on a Skip Spence tribute album and did a fantastic job.

  • probably Alexander “Skip”Spence- Cripple Creek- Oar

  • thats about it folks
    thanks for making it here to the blog
    see you again next sunday night

  • Dan


    Thanks for another great show. Have you ever played Mojo Nixon or Elvis Hitler? I think they would fit right in.

  • Ryan

    Hey, have you thought about playing some XTC? Maybe something from their album Oranges & Lemons, like “Here Comes President Kill Again.”

    I’d love to hear more New Wave on your show.

  • Todd

    Catagory – beautiful music. Have you played music from Mantovani? Moulin Rouge Theme?

    Ryan doesn’t know that XTC is not your cup-o-t !

  • Paul –

    Would you mind giving a shout-out to the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival? It’s coming up – April 23-25. A fantastic FREE community event. This year, a seventh stage has been added which will be dedicated to UNT. And, we’re always seeking TOP HANDS – the group of “volunteers” behind the festival. Information is available on the website – under “About the Festival – Membership.” Any support you can provide will be appreciated.



  • Jason

    Also, you should check out the band “Mammal Animals.” They are on itunes and myspace. Some of their better ones are “Mohi”, “Even After the War” and “Dream Tigers”

  • Hi Paul

    Could you play sone Hank III?? Thanks

  • karen