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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for March 28, 2010

by Paul Slavens 28 Mar 2010 6:55 PM

Hello and welcome, This is the place to make your polite comments and music suggestions for future show. Check out what others are listening to and turn people on to your favorite music. Make sure to leave a link where the music could be bought. New to me this week: Mable John Owen Pallet Laura […]


Hello and welcome,

This is the place to make your polite comments and music suggestions for future show. Check out what others are listening to and turn people on to your favorite music. Make sure to leave a link where the music could be bought.

New to me this week:
Mable John
Owen Pallet
Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose
Miike Snow

Mable John “Your Good Thing” (Is About To End) – (LP Version) Your Good Thing
Four Tet “Angel Echoes” There Is Love In You
Jonathan Richman “Girlfriend” Modern Lovers

Charlotte Gainsbourg “La Collectionneuse” IRM
Charles Mingus “Self-Portrait In Three Colors” Ah Um
Owen Pallett “Midnight Directives” Heartland

The Raveonettes “With My Eyes Closed” Lust Lust Lust
Björk “Ambergris March” The Music From Drawing Restraint
George Jones “Brown To Blue” Trouble In Mind
The Yardbirds “Evil Hearted You” Psycho Blues: The Best Collection
Of The Yardbirds 1963-1966


Bridges & Blinking Lights “Home Free” Heroes, Guns & Snakes
Kay Starr “Wheel Of Fortune” Shutter Island [Disc 2]
Traffic John Barleycorn (Must Die) John Barleycorn Must Die

Laura Gibson & Ethan Rose “Sun” Bridge Carols
Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra “Isfahan” Far East Suite
Pavement ‘Grounded’ (Remastered) Quarantine The Past: The Best Of


Happy Bullets “Pop” Hydropanic at the Natatorium
Buck Owens “My Heart Skips a Beat” 21 #1 Hits: The Ultimate Collection
Ginastera – “Sonata 14” – Ruvido ed ostinato – Noguera
GinasteraPiano Sonata No.1
She & Him “In the Sun” Volume Two

The Knife “Upheaved” Tomorrow, In A Year
Allen Tousaint “Working In The Coal Mine” From A Whisper To A Scream
King Crimson “Elephant Talk” Essential-Frame by Frame D3

Miike Snow Sans Soleil Miike Snow
Joe King Carrasco “Arriba” Sandino Bandido Rock
Syzygys Makekoshi “Night” Complete Studio Recordings

  • let go
    and lets hear from you !!!
    get your friends to suggest music.

  • Here’s a suggestion:
    “After Murder Park” from the album of the same name by The Auteurs.
    It’s exactly 2 minutes long, so I figure it would fit great on your show.



  • High Five Family

    alterna-folk trio, 3 part harmonies, good old fashioned fun


  • Russ

    Heard an extraordinary new (to me anyway) singer on Prairie Home Companion yesterday, Brandi Carlile. Just amazing. Poor Garrison could barely contain hisself gushing over her, kinda funny.. One of the few that made me go look them up for more info. Don’t think I’ve heard her here, would have remembered.

    • never heard of her
      I will check it out

  • Joe S

    now that was a bona fide country song. thanks for throwing that one in the mix, it did something kinda funny to the night

  • How about The Beta Band? Their album The 3 EPs was referenced in the movie High Fidelity, but I prefer the last album they put out before becoming The Aliens, called Heroes to Zeros. The whole thing is fantastic, and one of my favorites is “Easy”.



  • john winter

    play the tah dahs

  • daniel

    ummm… no playlist? shewt!
    well, anyway, how bout some SoulHat?

  • Cindy Chaffin

    Hey Daniel,

    thanks fer listenin’! The playlist will be posted when the last song plays….Paul likes to keep the suggestions coming and surprises around every corner!

  • actually its the MAN
    the music money gods wont let me post my playlist until after I play the songs.
    weird, but I acquiese

  • I highly, highly, highly recommend a band called ‘Swell’ out of San Fran. They have several records but, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any track on ’41’ or ‘Too Many Days Without Thinking’ . They’re in my top 5 bands that I want to see live but have yet to do so. Peace.

  • LuckyHomme

    Howdy! Love your show, but dude…tonight, only about half the show is working for me…it sounds like every other song is drunk. Just so you know, though: I usually record your shows and we listen to ’em until the tapes shred. So: How about ‘Imagine’ from Glee/The Music/2 (it’s actually a pretty good cover, as is just about everything on the CD) or, alternatively, the killer ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ (from the same CD) or maybe something from Issa Gadala (10 Segundos/Sony Music Latin)? Thanks! Despite the criticism, you have the BEST local show on the air, hands down!

  • +1 on the High Five Family

    I saw them play an open mic night at local cafe. best live vocals I have ever heard. you owe it to yourself to listen to them.

  • Glee huh
    I checked it out a couple weeks ago and it kind barfed me out
    maybe I am not listening to the right stuff
    tell you what, listen to this show a few times and see if you like the stuff you didnt like more as you listen to it repeatedly
    most of the music I love started out as stuff I didnt get or like.
    just sayin
    thanks for the feed back
    you rock

    • B L Zebubba

      Mr. LuckyHomme: what technique or equipment do you use to record radio broadcasts?

  • daniel

    far out… the man strikes again! well, thanks for the great show, still. ‘specially tasty tonight– loved the Krimson!

  • Cindy Chaffin

    I gotta concur with some Tah Dahs! Roy rules!

  • Swell on Amazon…WOW cheap..

  • B L Zebubba

    Not sure when Ms. Mable John (from the beginning of the show) recorded her version of “Your Good Thing is About to End) but Etta James had one out toward the end of the last century; I’m curious as to who wrote it and first recorded it.

    So far Miike Snow’s my favorite of the night, followed by that Denton outfit, Bridges and Blinking Lights (or something close).

  • thanks y’all
    see you here next week?

  • Miike

    Do you have anything from the new Mount Righteous album?

  • I would love to suggest that Zach Balch’s music be played on your show Paul! He is a singer songwriter originally from Denton that now lives in Austin. He is definitely worth checking out, one of my favorite artists!

    His music is on iTunes and also on his website

    I love your show Paul!!!

  • Chris

    Wow I totally was going to suggest Zach Balch. I saw him play a open mike at Opening Bell in Dallas and he was awesome.

  • LuckyHomme

    Hey there! Just wondering why my response to your comment that my taste in music ‘barfed you out’ was censored from the March 28 PS blog? That just doesn’t seem right…or American. Just sayin’.

  • Bamboonie

    How about ‘Camera Obscura’ a little happy melow…