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The Paul Slavens Show: March 21, 2010

by Paul Slavens 21 Mar 2010 6:54 PM

Dang! Snow on the first day of Spring? Cuddle up next to the fake gas fire and warm up with some cool tunes. This is the place to leave your polite suggestions and comments. I love getting turned on to music I have never heard before. Leave a link for where it can be purchased […]


Dang! Snow on the first day of Spring? Cuddle up next to the fake gas fire and warm up with some cool tunes.
This is the place to leave your polite suggestions and comments. I love getting turned on to music I have never heard before. Leave a link for where it can be purchased if you can.

New to me for this week:
Barry Black
Babylon Circus
Readymade F.C.
The Evolution Control Committee
Kate Miller-Heidke
Brad Mehldau


Natacha Atlas “You Only Live Twice” Best Of

James Brown “Soul Power” (Jungle Funk Mix) Dynamite X

Blitzen Trapper “Furr” Furr

Sarah Renfro “Little White House” You Should Be Somewhere Outside

Can “Vitamin C” Ege Bamyasi

Gorillaz “Superfast Jellyfish” (Featuring Gruff Rhys and De La Soul) Plastic Beach

Gerry & The Pacemakers “You’ll Never Walk Alone” The Singles Plus

Cornelius “Music” (Japanese Version by Petra Haden) Gum

Vampire Weekend “Taxi Cab” Contra

Barry Black “Train Of Pain” Barry Black

Sparklehorse “Gasoline” Horseys Distorted Ghost

Babylon Circus “La Caravane” Dances of Resistance

Buffy Saint Marie “Summer Boy” Fire Fleet and Candlelight

Readymade F.C. “Snow Lion” Open Season

The Evolution Control Committee “No Time For Yes” Plagiarythm Nation v 2.0

Fleetwood Mac “Second Hand News” Rumours

Kate Miller-Heidke “Politics In Space” [Clean Version] Curiouser

Midlake “Rulers Ruling All Things” The Courage of Others

Sleep Whale “Icicles” Houseboat

Mount Righteous “Seamen” When the Music Starts

Sade “Soldier of Love” Soldier of Love

Brad Mehldau “Capriccio” Highway Rider

tUnE-yArDs “Jumping Jack” BiRd-BrAiNs


The Box Tops “The Letter” 20th Century Rocks: 60’s Rock Bands

Big Star “Thirteen” No. 1 Record – Radio City

The Replacements “Alex Chilton” Pleased To Meet Me [Expanded Edition]

Alex Chilton “Like Flies on Sherbert” Like Flies on Sherbert

  • Lets get it on !
    suggestions, please

  • hello?
    knock knock?

  • Diane Brantley

    How about John Barleycorn by Traffic?

    • sure
      next time

  • I’d like to suggest a preview of what may be the biggest event in music history the NPR 200 song challenge. KXT is of course welcome
    Here is the challenge, NPR, it’s time for a musical showdown. I challenge NPR music writers, and both NPR music blogs: All Songs Considered, and Monitor Mix, to a musical challenge.(Or any music media source for that matter). You present your best 100-200 new songs, versus my BIG LIST, first best of world music from the net, list .
    Sounds like fun.

  • Mike W

    Hey P, the new Frightened Rabbit album-The Winter of Mixed Drinks
    sounds pretty great from what I’ve heard. Theey’ve gotten some good press for their SXSW performances as well.

  • Hi Paul. I suggest you play something from my record–Bonedome’s Thinktankubator. It’s rife with performances by your pals Gerald Iragorri and Edward McMahon, as well as Colin Boyd, Jonathan Lacey, Gregg Prickett, Paul Williams, and Chad Stockslager.

    Pluse we’ve got our CD Release party on 3/26 at La Grange and could obviously use a bump!

    • am I wrong in thinking you have sent this to me?
      if so, it is in the MASTER PILE
      I will try to expedite its listenment

    • I sent it to KXT with your name on it a few weeks ago (as well as one to Gini and one to Joe). Not sure if it actually got to you..Wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s in the big pile o’ unsolicitied mylar.

  • I second Hayslip! Bonedome’s Thinktankubator is quite brilliant!

    • Thanks Cindy. Also, our friend Howard Kelley (Lee Harvey’s/Kessler/& former Dada bartender) just finished a video for Song #6, “I Can Lose You”, which will have it’s world premiere at the La Grange show.

    • I listened to some Bonedome stuff just now and it reminded me quite a bit of Sugar. 😀

  • Stephen Douglas

    Hey Paul!

    Great show as usual, love Sparklehorse (RIP).

    Richard sends his regards and is asking if you can play:

    “Blue World” or
    “Under My Feet”

    by The Moody Blues

    He says: “I’ve never heard a Moody Blues song on his show in the two plus years I’ve been listening.”

    Thanks, Paul!


    • nope
      never played moody blues
      not really into that band
      but I will put my prejudices aside and check those tracks

  • And just so I won’t seem totally selfish…I love some of the stuff on Doug Neil’s new record, and The Slack’s new record is amazing. The Backsliders rule–they used RTB2 as their rhythm section at SXSW yesterday and they SMOKED–Ryan Becker dubbed it RTBAcksliders2.

  • B L Zebubba

    Well, if you’re gonna play Traffic, surely you can lay some H Tim Sorea on us, if not this week then next, J Paul Slavens?

    • oh yeah, i got a box set of H Tim Sorea
      I am only now beginning to sort through it all
      so much to choose from

    • B L Zebubba

      A box set – really? I di’nt e’en know there was such a ting – all the more reason to listen to your show.

      Perusing the fine offerings at Amazon I do indeed see such a product – my, you must have quite the acquisition budget. Anyway, please allow me (not to introduce myself, though I be a man of wealth and fame) to be of some assistance in making your way among the voluminous H Tim Sorea body of work).

      I recommend in particular some of their less-often heard gems, some of which were never even released as singles and thus may have never been heard by many in your audience:
      Disk 2, track #7 – “Seasons of Whither”;
      Disk 3, track #7 – “No More, No More”;
      Disk 5, track #1 – “Draw the Line” (noteworthy for its tender, Mel-Torme-like vocal sublimity at the end – don’t let the pause fool you);
      Disk 6, track #10 – “Chip Away the Stone”;

      These ditties are paragons of the delicate sophistication for which H Tim Sorea (wishes they) were known, and thus will fit right into your show, I just know it – you can trust me.

    • Im beginning to trust you more and more

    • B L Zebubba

      You’ll like H Tim Sorea a lot more than some of the other long-haired and loudmouthed bands of their era – more than, say, Aerosmith or some such.

  • Syble

    Carolina Chocolate Drops, please

    • just played them a couple weeks ago
      I will get another track on next week

  • Loved the local set!!!

    Midlake=one of my favorite bands since like 7 or so years ago and still strong!

    Sleep Whale=splendid. I kinda miss the ol’ “Mom” name of the band because, as a mom, I used to take credit for the band….if you haven’t seen them live, please do. It’s truly a wondrous experience.

    Mount Righteous=Fantastically fabby and another not-to-miss live. Joey Kendall is one of the musical loves of my life.

  • blixen
  • Could you please play “With My Eyes Closed” by the Raveonettes? Anything from the album Lust Lust Lust would be great, but that’s my favorite.

  • thanks for the suggestions folks
    see you next week
    you can add stuff during the week too

  • M Vega

    A very groovy, diverse, hip hop group from S. Cali called The Visionaries, put out on an indie label. My entre was with an older song called “Pangaea” and is still an entirely worthwhile way to meet all of their music.

    Also, would love to hear vintage TX band Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns circa early 80’s. My aunt, Kristy Cummings, was on Farfisa keyboard, accordion, and female vocalist and the sound is so fun Tex-Mex. See ’96 Tears’. Sorry, this stuff has not been reissued on cd–yet ?!

    This was a good show, thanks.

  • James

    Hey Paul, a couple of suggestions for next Sunday – hope you get this:
    Elephant Talk – King Crimson
    Your Good Thing (Is About to End) – Mable John (Stax 50th Anniversary)
    Joni Mitchell – Just Like This Train
    Duke Ellington – Isfahan