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Video: Artist Studio Tour With Letitia Huckaby

by Cindy Chaffin 12 Mar 2010 1:33 PM

Letitia Huckaby’s hand-sewn artworks and photography evoke passions and family history. The Fort Worth artist’s latest show will be at the South Dallas Cuural Center.


Letitia Huckaby’s artwork and photography will be on display beginning Saturday night at her opening exhibition at the South Dallas Cultural Center. Her work on the LA 19 (Daughters of God) evoked so much emotion and passion within me, that I knew that I had to meet this incredible artist and learn more about her work and the studio in which she creates.


Please enjoy another Art&Seek studio tour at the home and studio of Latitia Huckaby. Be sure and check out our Artist Spaces section to learn more about Latitia and experience more artist studio tours.

  • apaulable

    I so dig seeing the behind the scenes of all our artists, thanks for posting these