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Art&Seek on Think TV: NX35's Chris Flemmons

by Stephen Becker 12 Mar 2010 6:28 PM

The morning after NX35 opened in Denton, the music conference’s founder, Chris Flemmons, spoke to Art & Seek about the larger purpose behind the festival, about the fading ‘wisdom’ of choosing to present a free concert and about how he hopes to have enough rent money left over to keep NX35’s office open — and what that means for next year.


[flashvideo filename=rtmp://kera-flash.streamguys.us:80/jwplayer&id=video/artandseek/2010/100312_think_406_artandseek width=470 height=263 displayheight=263 image=wp-content/uploads/2010/03/chris_flemmons.jpg /]

Meet Chris Flemmons — the man behind NX35, the music “conferette” coming back to Denton this weekend. Flemmons got the idea for it while pushing the Denton music scene at Austin’s much larger, more established South by Southwest music-industry conference. Last year, NX35 garnered all of $200 in profits. But Flemmons is remarkably idealistic about this project — he’s doing it for Denton, for the music, for the downtown Courthouse Square area.

You can tell he’s tired — the festival actually opened full-blast Thursday night and he was at KERA’s studio Friday morning. But it’s plain that Flemmons is a decided change from the typical music promoter / producer: “One of the things we’ve always done is try to be very, very honest about where we’re coming from — that we’re new at this. We don’t want people to get the idea that we actually know what we’re doing.”

  • Tiffany

    We made it out for panel watching and the free Flaming Lips show on Saturday. Kudos to Chris and all the volunteers of NX35. That was an incredible feat and we had a great time. They gave everyone a real gift and no doubt it sounds like it was a phenomenal amount of work to do so. That historic preservation was part of the motivation is really sweat to hear also. Thanks to NX35 for a great event. We rode our bikes to the fairgrounds from the historic square. Just a neat day and a super fun show.

  • hammertimez

    LOOK AT HIM GO!!!!

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