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The Paul Slavens Show: LIVE BLOG for March 6, 2010

by Paul Slavens 7 Mar 2010 7:55 PM

Happy Oscar night , glad you kept our musical appointment. This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Give links to where music can be purchased if you can, it helps. New to me this week: Wyclef Jean Liam Lynch The Go! Team Stardeath and White Dwarfs Luminous Orange DJ Lobsterdust […]


Happy Oscar night , glad you kept our musical appointment.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions.
Give links to where music can be purchased if you can, it helps.
New to me this week:
Wyclef Jean
Liam Lynch
The Go! Team
Stardeath and White Dwarfs
Luminous Orange
DJ Lobsterdust
Jimmy Bryant and Jimmy West

Wyclef Jean “Fast Car” (featuring Paul Simon) Carnival, Vol. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant (Deluxe Edition)

Tom Waits ” Just Another Sucker on the Vine” [Instrumental] 83′ Swordfishtrombones

The Beatles “I Will” The Beatles [White Album]

Electric Light Orchestra “Eldorado Overture” Eldorado

Randy Newman “Political Science” (Remastered LP Version) Sail Away (Remastered)

Liam Lynch “United States of Whatever” Fake Songs

Arnold Dreyblatt “1.54” Nodal Excitation

Wire “Another The Letter” (2006 Digital Remaster) Chairs Missing

Midlake “Fortune” The Courage Of Others

The Go! Team “Feelgood By Numbers” Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Mance Lipscomb “Cocaine Done Kill My Baby” (Previously Unreleased) Trouble In Mind

Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart “Man With The Woman Head” [Live] Bongo Fury [Remaster]

Bill Monroe “Walking in Jerusalem” (Just Like John) Anthology (1950-1981) D1

The Magnetic Fields “I Was Born”

Radiohead “Fitter Happier” OK Computer

Stardeath And White Dwarfs “Age Of The Freak” The Birth

The Shins “It’s Okay, Try Again” Yo Gabba Gabba! Music Is Awesome

Charley Pride “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” The Best of Charlie Pride

Dean Martin “Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket” All The Hits 1948 – 1969 (CD1)

Downside School, Purley, Choir Of “Songs from Friday Afternoons””, Op.7 – There was a monkey” Britten Conducts Britten Vol.3

Mound City Blue Blowers “You Rascal, You” Hawkins Vol.01 – 1929-1934

David Bowie “Breaking Glass Low”

Pixies “Distance Equals Rate Times Time” Trompe Le Monde

School of Seven Bells “White Elephant Coat” Alpinisms

Erik Satie “Gnossienne No. 6” Early Piano Works

Ben Folds “FIve Barrytown” ( Steely Dan Cover) Me, Myself, and Irene

Syd Barrett “Effervescing Elephant” Barrett

Nervous Curtains “Falling Out of Sync With Time” Out of Sync With Time

Cindy Walker “When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again” Elvis Originals

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey “12 Walking Before Daylight” Winterwood

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap “Young Girl” “Young Girl” The Best Of

Luminous Orange Utatane “No Hibi(l’ecume Des Jours)” Drop You Vivid Colours

Jorge Ben “O Filosofo” Africa Brasil

Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five “Beans and Cornbread” Greatest Hits

DJ Lobsterdust “Train It Up” (The Clash vs. Marvin Gaye) Lobsterdust vs. Motown / Same Old Song EP

Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West “Bryant’s Bounce” American Cowboy Classics

Deerhoof “Panda Panda Panda” Bibidi Babidi Boo

Enoch Light “Mambo Jambo” Persuasive Percussion (Disc 1)

  • Cindy Chaffin

    This Beatles track is…is….fan-freakin-tastic! Nuthin’ but love for Slavens…

  • Hey ho music lovers
    knock knock
    are you there
    lets hear some suggestions

  • Cindy Chaffin

    Randy Newman always turns my frown upside down….

  • Regan

    Liked the Waits
    Charles Mingus Wednesday Night Prayer meeting
    Is everybody watching Oscars?

  • it feels like it did on superbowl night
    I go up against all the big TV events.
    nice to have you along though

  • A while back, a friend of mine suggested I listen to one of his friend’s new albums. It turned out to be one of my favorites of 2009. Apparently his buddy was is the drummer for a different band, but his solo album is done almost exclusively with the human body.
    The album is called Mantis Preying by the Alvin Band. You can stream/buy the whole thing from this page:

  • Mike W

    a couple of things I’ve been listening to this week that would sound cool on your show:

    Langley Schools Music Project-Innocence and Despair

    Pavement-Brighten the Corners

    • “Stereo”, “Shady Lane” and “Blue Hawaiian” are my favorites from Brighten the Corners. Definitely my favorite Pavement album.

  • MLB

    Love the live Pride…any chance of some Chris Whitley??? Love the show!

  • I’m sure you’ve heard of Jim O’Rourke (since he gets involved in everything). I was wondering if you’d play something from one of his solo albums or something from his project with Jeff Tweedy, Loose Fur.

  • I love these suggestions cuz I am not familiar with any of it
    thanks so much

  • Cindy Chaffin

    I have a huge request…The Paul Slavens Show needs to run a few times during the week, too. LIke drive times and a early riser show….Love it!

    • well gee
      that would be nice.
      but I dont go to bed until 2 am
      so no early mornings for me
      unless they just replay my sunday night show
      I would be way down with that
      but I am far from being the decision maker around here

  • I’m glad you like and play so many of my suggestions. 😀

    I was looking around your texclectic website the other night, and was inspired when I downloaded your song “Daisy”; would you be offended if I were to sample and re-mix it into something completely different? I like making weird things with Fruity Loops. Have you ever looked at my music page that I link to on here?

    • I actually have a record coming out soon that has a much better version of that song. but have at it.
      just send the money to me.
      havent looked on yer site yet.
      I do that stuff too, ableton, cubase etc.

    • Haha, you say “send the money to me” as if there were a way for me to make money off it. If I ever do you’ll be the first to know, lol.

  • Cindy Chaffin

    Replay of your genius set lists could potentially prevent rush hour problems… and most certainly prevent road rage! Bring it!

  • Regan

    John S. Hall and Kramer, “Water” from the album Real Men

  • Mike Ex Pat

    I moved to Colorado and KERA is too far away for good reception.

    Tonight I get on the internets’ and find you’ve moved to a new PR music channel. Great to hear/stream your show again, my Sunday routine is complete.

    How about some Ken Nordine, or some of that voice-over-mellow I grew to appreciate, some poem’esk beatnik if you please.

    BTW: Colorado PR is the worst, I miss the Texas lineup!

    • nice to have you back on the line
      I will take your suggestions under careful consideration

  • thats about it for tonite
    thanks for sharing a nice sunday night
    see you next week
    and keep the suggestions coming

  • Azazel D

    I just realized I never hit submit before my laptop battery died while sitting at a friend’s apartment patio, wi-jacking some internet. Anyway, it is now too late for the show from a few hours ago, but this is a cool cover:
    The band is local and actually much of their stuff is pretty cool.. retro a-la Gary Numan & Tubeway Army, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

  • Roy Verges

    Hey Paul, got some ideas for tunes to play (band – album)

    Nektar – Down to Earth (album)
    Bow St. Runners (eponymous)
    Griddle – Klimty Favela
    Love – Da Capo

    I’m lovin’ your show. You have no idea the drudgery your show relieves on a Sunday night, when I’m working in the kitchen.