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Today's Oscar Discussion on Think: Now in Podcast Form

by Stephen Becker 2 Mar 2010 6:09 PM

Did you miss the Oscar roundtable discussion featuring Chris Vognar, Chris Kelly and Yours Truly today on Think? Or did you tune in for it, and now you just want to replay it over and over and over again? Well, now you can. Click the audio player below to listen to the entire episode in […]

  • Rawlins Gilliland

    I enjoyed the show and Stephen was the best. Your ego never got in the way of the points you wanted to convey, and the opportunity to skewer a movie…like A Single Man…were not gratuitous as it sounded with others.

    Frankly, most reviewers need to learn that we don’t care whetehr they ‘liked’ a movie. They want to hear observations about what they THOUGHT about the movie and it’s parts/ its whole. The othe guy sounded too often like an apparel saleperson I knew who only sold things that were colors she liked…and if it was a color she did NOT like, ignored. I pointed out that the customer does not care whether she liked or hates green. Whether the garment was quality, fit, flattering, useful…that is what mattered. It’s a thin line with reviewers but most of the time I despise ‘reviews’ because the reviewers get in the way and are so busy trying to be clever that they become small. Not Becker. I enjoyed your contribution.

    PS/FYI: The reason Krys Boyd is so good at what she does is that she does not EVER get in the way. She is a conduit. That’s what I mean. She enables you to learn from her guests rather than ever competing with them. It can be a thin line in reviews, but I always know when it’s been stepped over.