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Fort Worth Opera, AMP Win In Vegas (Or How Opera Whipped Roller Derby)

by Jerome Weeks 25 Jan 2010 3:17 PM

Dallas-area Abernethy Media Professionals has made a successful pitch to create a six-part series, a backstage “docu-soap” about this season’s Fort Worth Opera, for a national competition.


Over on the feature side, we reported this morning about the pitch that Dallas-area Abernethy Media Professionals is making today in Las Vegas at the annual conference of television programming executives. Abernethy won the opportunity in a national competition, and they were going to try to sell the media judges on “Lone Star Opera” — their plan to create a six-part series, a backstage “docu-soap” about this season’s Fort Worth Opera.

Well, they did it. They beat out the other two finalists, a soap based in an ad agency, and one on roller derby.

The folks at Fort Worth Opera are thrilled.

“Most people have ideas about opera singers and companies that are so far from reality,”  Darren K. Woods, the company’s  general director, said in a statement. “Not only is this series a lot of fun – it’s funny, tense, sad at times – it is also surprising and very interesting, I think especially to those who don’t know anything about opera.”

What Abernethy has won is major representation. Now it’s up to Cable Ready, the distribution agency, to sell their series to the right network.

(Anybody at Ovation listening?)