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The Paul Slavens Show: January 24 2010

by Paul Slavens 24 Jan 2010 7:43 PM

Well, maybe you dont care about the playoffs. or maybe you already have seen enough. Whatever the case it’s nice to see you here and I hope you enjoy the music tonite. I got some great suggestions from the blog last week and I asked my Facebook friends what they thought the most beautiful music […]


Well, maybe you dont care about the playoffs.
or maybe you already have seen enough.
Whatever the case it’s nice to see you here and I hope you enjoy the music tonite.
I got some great suggestions from the blog last week and I asked my Facebook friends what they thought the most beautiful music in the world was. I will play a bunch of what they said. I will ask you the same thing.
Not the best, greatest music , but the most lovely or beautiful. What say you?
Or if you have some other suggestions or polite comments, leave them here.
New to me this week:
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Rich Woodson’s Ellipsis

  • heigh ho
    lets go !!!!

  • $|_!X

    Hey Paul! How about playing Beborn Beton’s “Sleeping Beauty” from their album Nightfall. It is, in my opinion, a extremely beautiful track that gives me the warm-fuzzes every time I hear it. Check it out.

    Amazon link:

    • ok
      I will check it out

  • Great show! One of my favorite songs is Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson.

  • Brittany

    most beautiful…Yeyo by Erykah Badu

    • I will see if I have this at home

  • Jim Daniel

    Hey Paul! We’re listening! I was just distracted by my wife’s amazing food. I have two songs for you tonight by Harvey Danger that I’m certain you’ll love. Let me finish my card game with her (a very nerdy Warhammer: Invasion… playoff game? what game? 🙂 ) and I’ll put together the list and the sources.

    We’re enjoying your selections tonight. Had a busy weekend and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

    • I am a Magic player so i understand
      finish her and then send me your suggestions

    • Jim Daniel

      A man with great taste in music and a Magic player to boot. Well your esteem has risen in our household! I used to play Magic (a long time ago) but it became too much of a money sink (as CCG, collectable card games, can be). I started playing Warhammer: Invasion because it’s an LCG (Living Card Game), so, while you do get booster boxes out every month or so, you get every card that is possible. The random element, and therefore the money sink, is taken out. You can still spend money on it, but just not as much.

      If you’re ever interested, a lot of gamers (board and card) meet up at Madness Comics in Plano (corner of Custer and Parker) on Saturday nights, you can try out the game with one of us.

      Alright! I actually DID just beat my wife. She’s been dominating me for about a month, and I finally built a deck that can stand up to hers. Huh… I’ll get that list together for you now.

  • Joe

    Most beautifulest is Bach’s Joy of Man’s Desiring
    Also like Widor’s Tocatta from the 5th organ symphony played on the most giganticest organ available
    Blue Eyes crying in the Rain good too
    And Spinal Tap’s sex farm

    • Sex Farm! That’s a classic!

  • Kelly H

    Here at the Western World. Steely Dan
    Watermelon in Easter Hay. Frank Zappa
    It’s For You. Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays
    Koln Concert Pt. IIc. Keith Jarrett.
    Shipbuilding. Elvis Costello/Chet Baker
    I’ve Seen It All. Bjork/Thom Yorke

    BTW, Radiohead is playing a benefit in LA tonight for Oxfam in Haiti. Tickets went off at $475. 1000 seat venue. Sometimes living in LA seems like it would have its perks.

    • I have definitely spun a bunch of those on this show over the years
      but always glad to hear them all
      thanks K

  • Michael

    Love the show Mr. Slavens. A beautifully depressing song is Solitude sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Also there is a local band named Somebody’s Darling who I would love to hear if you got it. Wind Gone Dry is a good track. Keep up the good work. Thanks

    • danke
      this is all good stuff

  • Jim Daniel

    Ok, Harvey Danger became a pop favorite with their “Flagpole sitta” way back when. The radio never played much more beyond that though. While in the sandbox, I had some friends send me out some music. Two songs were from Harvey Danger and they really brightened my day.

    Danger could be classified as nerd rock, similar to weezer in that vein, but they do go beyond the genre (as weezer does as well). You can hear a lot of cynicism in their songs, but its the cynicism held by those idealists recently disillusioned. With that, there is a lot of hope, love, and an accute sense of beauty that they are able to portray in their music.

    Try out these two songs and let me know what you think.

    -Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo:


    -Meetings With Remarkable Men (Show me a hero)


    • excellent as always my friend

    • Jim Daniel

      Most Beautiful song would be “Beauty Never Fades” by Junkie XL (from last weeks suggestion).

  • Ed in Arlington

    Most beautiful song (popular music division): “Papa was a Rolling Stone”, The Temptations”.

    Most beautiful song (classical music division): “Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)”, with Dawn Upshaw, by Henryk Gorecki.

    Both of these are somber – I know – but still….

  • chip

    Heard Inara George for the first time on KXT earlier this week and really enjoyed her.

    Bottlecaps is a good one from her myspace page.

  • Kristi Daniel

    My two favorite “beautiful” songs are “Instrumental” from Rob Dougan (eighth track in his Furious Angels album) and “Make Love” by Daft Punk.

    Instrumental – Rob Dougan


    Make Love – Daft Punk


  • Bev Nunes

    I’ve enjoyed your show for years and recently learned where you currently can be heard. I was upset with KERA for getting rid of not only the best music program but the last on their frequency. My lovely daughter got me up to speed as to your where abouts and I got here as soon as could.

    One of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a very long time was brought back into my consciousness by you when you were still at KERA. It’s the theme from the Deer Hunter, Cavatina played by John Williams. It literally brings tears to my eyes by its beauty. The tears are not from sadness–but a reminder of the great universal power of music. Maybe you would like to play it again?


    • how can I say no?
      tune in next week!

  • I was actually surprised at how much classical music people listed as the most beautiful. Unfortunately most of it is too long for this show.
    Still, nice to know folks listen to that stuff a bit.
    I always try to stick a little bit of classical in every show

  • Ed in Arlington

    Most beautiful song (country music division – #1): “Long Black Veil”, Johnny Cash & The Band. If that’s hard to find, the original version by Lefty Frizell would be a good substitute.

    Most beautiful song (country music division – #2): “Closer to Heaven”, Rodney Crowell, off of “Sex and Gasoline”.

  • Ed in Arlington

    Most beautiful song (Americana division – #1) – James McMurtry, (where to start? How about with “I Only Want to Talk to You” off of “Walk Between the Raindrops”).


    I think the new bridges and blinking lights song “deathbed” is beautiful

  • well thats about it
    thanks for the suggestions
    I will look into it and see you all back here next sunday

  • Francois

    Hey Paul, thank you for playing such beautiful music (the last song)….
    TTYL Francois

  • Ed in Arlington

    If I can squeeze another one in:

    Most beautiful song (popular music division – #2): Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, “Wake Up Everybody”.