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The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for Jan. 10, 2010

by Paul Slavens 10 Jan 2010 7:51 PM

Good Evening, hope you are keeping warm. Lots of new music for me this week: Ronnie Montrose, the Jazz Butcher, Jarvis Cocker, Klaatu, The Presets and Hildegarde It’s a pretty varied night tonight, so hold on. This is where you can leave your polite comments and your suggestions for music that can be played on […]


Good Evening, hope you are keeping warm.
Lots of new music for me this week: Ronnie Montrose, the Jazz Butcher, Jarvis Cocker, Klaatu, The Presets and Hildegarde

It’s a pretty varied night tonight, so hold on. This is where you can leave your polite comments and your suggestions for music that can be played on future shows.
Turn me and everyone else on to some of your favorite music.

The setlist:

Ray Charles & Betty Carter, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” Ray Charles and Betty Carter
Kronos Quartet, “String Quartet No.2,” Kronos Quartet Performs Phillip Glass
The XX, “VCR,” XX
Jimmie Rodgers, “Blue Yodel No. 1 (T For Texas),” Essential Jimmie Rodgers
The Replacements, “Alex Chilton,” Pleased To Meet Me [Expanded Edition]
Nellie McKay, “Pink Chandelier,” Pretty Little Head
Ronnie Montrose,” Town Without Pity,” Open Fire
The Jazz Butcher, “Domestic Animal,” Distressed Gentlefolk
Fite Bite, “Swissex Lover,” Emerald Eyes
Vladimir Ashkenazy [Piano], “Für Elise,” Favourite Beethoven
Jarvis Cocker, “Angela,” Further Complications
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, “Bottom Of The World,” What Is Free To A Good Home?
Grizzly Bear, “Foreground,” Veckatamest
Pogo, “Alice,” Wonderland
Django Reinhardt, “You Rascal You,” Best of DR
Willie Nelson, “Sad Songs And Waltzes,” The Complete Atlantic Sessions
Klaatu, “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft,” Due South
Igor Stravinsky, “Sonata: III. Allegro Moderato,” Grand Piano: The Composer Plays
Merle Travis, “Nine Pound Hammer,” Merle Travis In Boston 1959
Rasputina, “DwarfStar,” How We Quit the Forest
Tin Hat Trio, “Holiday Joel,” The Rodeo Eroded
The Presets, “Kitty In The Middle,” Beams
Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile, “G-22,” Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile
Hank Williams, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” The Best Of Hank Williams 20th Century Masters
Rain Tree Crow, “Red Earth (As Summertime Ends),” Camphor
Hildegarde, “Practising the Piano,” Isn’t it Romantic
The Knife, “Na Na Na,” Silent Shout-Limited Deluxe Edition
Étienne Daho and Charlotte Gainsbourg, “If (Duo Avec Charlotte Gainsbourg,” Réévolution
Gary Stewart, “She’s Actin’ Single (I’m Drinkin’ Doubles),” The Essential Gary Stewart
North Texas Wind Symphony, “Divertimento, Op. 42: March,” Composer’s Collection: Vincent Persichetti
The Residents, “Guylum Bardot,” Meet The Residents
Billy Mayerl, “Bats in the Belfrey,” Billy Mayerl Vol.2

  • Kelly Alexander

    hello Paul-my first post of 2010. WHAT a year for music 2009 was!

    any nasty personal feelings about Folk music have been dispelled by exceptional albums by the likes of The Unthanks, Micah P. Hinson, Devendra Banhardt, and Langhorne Slim.

    OST(soundtracks) also made a huge impression on me in 2009. games-Katamari Forever, Bayonetta, Loco Roco 2 and the exquisite LittleBigPlant all stayed in my regular playlists all year. the TV soundtracks for Glee and Fringe were spectacular. also my movie OST of the Year goes to the Cinematic Orchestra for their breathtaking “Les Ailes Porpres” which was to the french Disney documentary nature film about the plight of the African lesser flamingo.

    World Music, which i generally avoid assiduously, had many striking victories as well, most notably for me: Buika e Chucho Valdes with their emotional and heartbreaking “El Ultimo Trago”, also worth a listen:Lisa Gerrard, Soulico, The Very Best, and Rupa and the April Fishes, who other than Gerrard, seem to have embraced the soul of Hip-Hop and used it unreservedly to great effect.

    there were some shocking disappointments from some heavy hitters as well: Norah Jones’s uninspired and lacklustre “The Fall”, Grizzly Bear’s pedestrian “Veckamiest”, The Decemberists wandering and difficult concept piece “The Hazards of Love”, and sadly, The Flaming Lips “Embryonic” failed to charm me as usual with it’s length and it’s meandering.

    here are some of my favorite records of 2009:

    The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra-LBP:Songs From And Inspired By LittleBigPlanet.

    Mos Def-The Ecstactic.

    The Voodoo Trombone Quartet-Again…

    Florence & The Machine-Lungs.

    DOOM-Born Like This.

    Martha Wainwright’s Edith Piaf Record.

    Bike For Three!-More Heart Than Brains.

    Parov Stelar-Coco.

    Soil And Pimp Sessions-6.

    Fever Ray-Fever Ray.

    Lisa Lois-Smoke.

    Zero 7-Yeah Ghost.

    NOW, ON TO 2010-here are a brace of records that are coming out in the first half of the year, which are highly anticipated or i am REALLY looking forward to. i can say i have heard some tracks or already have the DL of all of , they make 2010 look like another excellent year for music!

    highly anticipated by the general pubic:

    Massive Attack-Heligoland-Martina Topley-Bird(Tricky), Hope Sandoval(Mazzy Star), Tunde Adbimpe(TV On The Radio) join the usual suspects in a cracking return to form after a 7 year wait(to the day).

    Sade-Soldier Of Love-the single’s been everywhere for the last month, and it’s martial and ferocious. the Lady has lost none of her drama, or THAT voice-Ten years is a long wait, but from the single, it’s been time well spent.

    Gorillaz-Plastic Beach-what’s to be said? most likely the best Pop band in the world & a bunch of cartoons…it seems Mos Def and Bobby Womack have signed on for guest vocals, and Damon Albarn says the is the most accessible record he’s ever made. AH! and Noodles is on the cover…ridiculously hyped for good reason.

    Yeasayer-Odd Blood. strange folky electronic bastards looked set to take over the world and then the sophomore record was delayed by a year. i’ve heard it and it’s pretty special.

    She and Him-Vol. 2.-Zoey Deschanel and M Ward with the second installment of odd behavior by famous people. my best friend LOVES this, and it’s not too much of a departure, so if you liked the first you’ll be happy.

    *ONE FOR PAUL* Joanna Newsom(newly minted fashion icon) was spotted at a Japanese fashion show, where she stated she was recording her forthcoming record in Japan(her standard producer keeps house there). title and details TBA.

    *ANOTHER FOR PAUL* The Knife

    and Now a few of my most anticipated records….

    Broken Bells-Broken Bells-everything Danger Mouse(Brian Burton) touches turns gold(Gorillaz, Gnarles Barkley, Joker’s Daughter, Sparklehorse) this is no different. he teams with the lead singer of the Shins to make Indie-Pop perfection.

    Strong Arm Steady-In Search Of Stoney Jackson…-Stone’s Throw Records present their next big thing…every bit as good as Mos Def’s “The Ecstatic”. this record makes me very happy.

    Xiu Xiu-Dear God, I Hate Myself. lovely misery, as you’d expect. with CaraLee’s departure to the band Cold Cave, Jaimie seems to be wallowing in it, but in a good way.

    Basia Bulat-Heart Of My Own. i LOVED “OH, My Darling”, her take on melodic Folk-Pop and her beautiful voice sold me. “Heart” is EVEN better, your heart brakes for her, and then for yourself.

    Seabear-We Built a Fire. since Bjork is MIA, some Icelandic wankery. one of my favorite bands ever. “Lion-faced Boy” is joyous.

    The Watson Twins-Talking To You, Talking To Me…out from under Jenny Wilson’s shadow, these ladies are FANTASTIC! this is a mature album that is also accessible and strange. they’ve been playing these songs live during 2009, and they are really clever.

    i know this is kinda long, but it’s been awhile…cheers to all. best regards, Kelly.

  • Jim Daniel

    Ok… I have three for you today. They’re more instrumental with some heavy drum beats, but they flow. I’m not sure if they will all be suitable for the radio, but I wanted you to hear them. Oh… I recommend listening to them in the dark while alone. That tends to let you feel them better, if that makes sense.

    = Beauty Never Fades – Junkie XL (Had a hard time finding where to get this song digitally. It’s on the Animatrix soundtrack and you can get the CD)
    Pandora Page:

    = Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Mix) – Rob Dougan

    This last song is an absolute favorite of mine. The opening trumpets blow my mind. I think you’ll like it a lot too, and the radio cut would be very suitable to your show.

    = Insomniac Olympics
    Youtube (full version):

    Try em out, let me know what you think.

    • Great !!!
      new music to check out
      thanks so much !!!

    • Jim Daniel

      Insomniac Olympics by Blockhead

  • Hey J. Paul-
    Just wanted to let you know that Fever In The Funkhouse has a show this Friday, 1-15th at the Aardvark in Ft. Worth. Mudphonic, feat. Topaz, from Austin, is opening. New website is live as well… Thanks man!

  • Impressive
    my job is made easier by music heads like you
    lots there that I am familiar with, lots of it because of you
    still a lot I havent been introduced to, very good !
    I tend to agree with your opinions as well
    thanks as always

  • Kelly Alexander

    sorry about The Knife….i typed this earlier since it was to be so long.

    The Kinfe have a 11 min. new single downloadable for the price of your e-mail address, and a new album in March. best, K.

  • Dennis

    Wow those are quite long lists, so I guess I will just say hi Paul!

  • Jim Daniel

    Oh, wanted to correct a comment from last week. You mentioned that the mp3s of Pomplamoose were free. They aren’t! 🙂 They’re actually a dollar per (you can get album discounts) for each of their originals (i.e. Beat the Horse and Hail Mary, etc.). Their covers are, however, free. They’ve recently incorporated, and, while they have rejected offers from label companies, they are releasing albums, albeit digitally. Now they do, of course, stream and video their songs for free, but to actually own an mp3 of one of their originals, you have to purchase them.

    • right, I bought it on
      for 89c

    • Jim Daniel

      Ah, you’ve found the deals. Very nice.

  • Kelly H

    Only polite comments? Well!

    Play some American Analog Set, “I Must Soon Quit the Scene”

    And some Paul Butterfield Blues Band, “Trainman”

    And introduce me to some cute boys.

    • Jim Daniel

      You didn’t say please!!!

    • which record is that song off, are they still broke up?
      yes on the butterfield for next week
      Denton is where all the cute boys are, but you have to like beards

    • Kelly H

      What? All the cute boys have false girlfriends to throw off the Inquisition? Or just facial hair?

      Did I ever make you listen to Loudon Wainwright’s “Just Like President Thieu”? It is fantastic. His best.

      You should think about playing Reed’s Lolita Lorene. Also fantastic. On Double Eagle.

  • listener mark

    Speaking of the Placemats….check out Natural Child from Nashville:

  • Dennis

    I am cute, but old. 🙁

  • Bill K

    Hey Kelly [insert smarmy grin] How’s it goin’? Haven’t I seen you here before?

    Er, excuse me [my SO reads this] I mean, let’s stay on topic…

    Paul; I found a copy of what I think is Laurie Anderson’s first published recording. Certainly it was the first I heard. Back in the days of Classical/Jazz KERA they played it one afternoon and I had to pull to the shoulder of I-20 and listen, transfixed, in an “art trance.”

    It was published on a MOMA compilation of new NY music. I was able to snag an original copy. How can I “legally” get you a copy to play (‘cuz you gotta)?

  • I am not sure I have a copy handy of Lolita Lorene, I would love to play that song, one of his best, i remember the first time I heard it.

    • Kelly H

      I’ll email it to you. Maybe you could call to tell me which address works best for you.

  • Michael

    Hey Paul, great show.

    I’d love to hear some of The Dead Weather, maybe Will There Be Enough Water?

    Also, The House of the Rising Sun, either the Animals version or the Woody Guthrie, both are good interpretations.

    Anything off of Post War by M. Ward would also be great.


  • Hi Paul – another great show and I appreciate all the variety of wonderful music…Have a great week…Could you spin son Don Byron “Bug Music” sometime?

  • Bill K

    I had a big giant record store (remember them?) sized Klaatu poster on my wall back in 1977.

    Yes. I was a dork.

  • Cliff

    DwarfStar — My favourite Rasputina song! Great stuff tonight!

  • Mike Dawson

    One more suggestion would be some Oscar D’Leon or California Guitar Trio – keep spinning the great music

  • Kristi

    You know, I’ve never looked forward to Sunday night before. It’s always been that dreaded night before I have to go back to work. Thanks for making Sunday nights a good thing :).

    • hope this can be a new tradition for you

  • Kelly H

    Ever check out Bonnie Prince Billy’s cover of Thunder Road? Pretty badass.

    • I will check it out
      havent ever really gotten that into BPB
      maybe I should try again

  • Russ

    Kristi, amazing. That’s almost exactly what I told Paul at Art Con. Great prep for Monday.

    Next time you do some old country, “For the Good Times” by Ray Price crosses a lot of genres. Smooth, not twangy. Pathos, visual, reflective, resignation, closure, got it all in one tune.

  • Russ

    Sunday Slavens is like Monday coffee. Gotta have ’em, helps you deal.

  • Thanks everybody for some great input tonite
    next week it will be warmer !!!!

  • I arrived here because of the mention re The Voodoo Trombone Quartet above. I can see there are some great music recommendations here, so while I’m passing let me slip in a plug for the double compilation: WHITE MINK : BLACK COTTON ‘Electro Swing versus Speakeasy Jazz’ on the same label and coming out next week…

    And if you enjoy that and The VTQ then check out the label Freshly Squeezed

    Happy 2010

  • Last night was the first time that I actually tuned into your show. And I must say me AND my friends were impressed… they are devout edge fans and I’m glad that they got to hear an amazing station where you could hear bluegrass alongside electronica. I love love love your show Paul and will be listening as much as much as I can. As for suggestions could you play some polyamourous affair or warpaint sometimes ^_^

  • Misty

    You should give Edison Woods a listen

    Try “Last Night I Dreamt I Would Last Forever”