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Paul Slavens Show: Live blog for Dec. 6, 2009

by Paul Slavens 6 Dec 2009 7:51 PM

Tons and tons of music this week by artists I had not heard of last week! New to me this week: Jon Hopkins, Buika, Shuta Hasunuma, the Pretty Things, Sean Hayes, Syl Johnson, Los Super Seven, Chao, Dick Marta and more!!! Thanks to everybody who suggested music this week. But now its time for some […]


Tons and tons of music this week by artists I had not heard of last week!

New to me this week: Jon Hopkins, Buika, Shuta Hasunuma, the Pretty Things, Sean Hayes, Syl Johnson, Los Super Seven, Chao, Dick Marta and more!!!

Thanks to everybody who suggested music this week.
But now its time for some fresh ideas. As you listen in tonight, I hope you will take a moment to give me your suggestions for music and your polite comments on what you are thinking.

Let’s listen to some music!

The setlist:

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, “How Do I Let A Good Man Down?” Naturally
Rhett Butler, “A Drive to Denton,” Spend It All
David Bowie, “Ashes To Ashes,” Scary Monsters
Spitfire Tumbleweeds, “No How,” Pope Crow
Jon Hopkins, “The Wider Sun,” Insides
Bat For Lashes, “Sarah,” Fur And Gold
Washington Phillips, “Denomination Blues, Part 2,” I Am Born To Preach
The Gospel

100 Damned Guns, “Ain’t That Bad Anymore,” Musica de Tormento
Mose Allison, “Foolkiller,” The Word from Mose
Buika, “Soledad,” El Ultimo Trago
Shuta Hasunuma, “OK Bamboo,” OK Bamboo
The Pretty Things, “Rosalyn,” The Pretty Things
Sean Hayes, “Boom Boom Goes The Day,” Big Black Hole And The Little
Baby Star

Eartha Kitt, “Let’s Do It,” Miss Kitt, To You
Syl Johnson, “Back In The Game,” Back In The Game
Los Super Seven, “Baby,” Canto
Huun-huur-Tu, “Eki Attar,” The Orphan’s Lament
Robert Goulet, “Real Live Girl,” 16 Most Requested Songs
Chao, “Gotta Go,” Hits the Miss
Sleep Whale, “We Were Dripping,” Houseboat
Dick Marta, “Brahms: Hungarian Dance #8,” Café Continental
Geeshie Wiley, “Last Kind Words,” Mississippi Masters: Early American
Blues Classics 1927 – 35

Pomplamoose, “Beat the Horse,” Pomplamoose VideoSongs
Bon Iver, “Creature fear,” For Emma, Forever Ago
Jo Stafford, “Haunted Heart,” Gonzo
Books, “Smells Like Content,” Lost and Safe
Deathcab for Cutie, “Lightness,” Transatlanticism
Janacek, “Allegro Suite for Wind Quintet and Bass Clarinet,” Wind Quintets of
the 20th Century

Pizzicato 5, “Groovy Is My Name,” Bossa Nova

  • here we go !

  • Dennis


  • Mose, too! Awesome!

  • Lawrence Sutherland

    Good evening! Thaks for having played Twilight Circus a few wekks back.
    As for next week, I’d like to suggest you play any track by Gibby Haynes & His Problem. I saw them awhile back and thought every song sounded uniquely psychedelic. I hope the tracks aren’t too long, but if so please play “Cage of Freedom” from the ’80’s Metropolis soundtrack.
    Have a great night!

    • wow, Buttholeesque psychedelia?
      I will check it out

  • Dennis

    Thank you Paul, for the Bowie!
    Let me know if you still need that DOS help.

    • an old acquaintance wrote me a nifty little webbased app
      thanks tho

  • Francois

    What a great idea to play David Bowie, love that guy. I would love to hear some Brian Ferry and in particular “avalon”. sounds good?
    Still hoping to hear some of that French Rock band : Trust or even Telephone.

  • Jackie

    hey Paul what was the tune after Sharron Jones and the Dap Kings?

  • Cory

    OH NOZ

    Mr Slavens, the FCC would like a word with you.

  • Rhett Butler-Drive to Denton-spend it all
    local music !!!

    • Rhett Butler

      Thanks for playing the tune. A little tribute to DENTON!

  • Cyndi

    I hereby request that a MUCH bigger chunk of kxt programming be handed over to this fine format.

  • Ed

    I recommend you share an off-again/on-again local band, the Lucky Pierres, with your audience. I’m most familiar with their Cloverleaf album (off of which “Dying on the Vine” and “New York City” are particular favorites) so maybe you’d like to play something off of one of their other albums that I’ve never heard, like “Cocktail Country”, still available on Amazon: The lead singer has a wonderful honey-drenched voice and their country-hip original lyrics are usually smart.

    And it looks like the Lucky Pierres are playing this Friday night, December 11, at the Allgood Cafe.

  • Hey Paul! First of all, I can’t wait to hear the Sleep Whale Track by Track, very excited for that. But until then.. might I suggest some Devendra Banhart? Either “At the Hop” or “Little Yellow Spider”. Would love it. Thanks!

  • kellybtest

    enjoying listening, paul.

  • Ed

    So far tonight the Spitfire Tumbleweeds and the David Bowie piece have been my favorites.

  • Tom Huckabee

    How aobut something by Quebecois singer
    Stefie Shock

  • If you like some skanky icky pop punk, these bands are pretty fun… whether they’re familiar or not to some folks, who knows.

    The Smugglers, Squirtgun, The Phantom Surfers, (Young) Pioneers, Bomb Bassets, and the almighty Agent Orange

  • Les Connally

    LOL! I thought I was the only one who really did like tuva throat music, whether “modern” or ethnographic!!!!

  • Cory


    I’ve tried for a few years now to get the Powers That Be (For A While) at KERA to elevate P.Slavens to his rightful place as Vastly Overpaid Music Guy, but they just don’t listen.

    If I had my way, Paul Slavens would have his own station (never mind his own show); he would play music composed and performed by his alter-ego Jay Pee Slavens, and he would kill his rivals by dropping Chopin Model Bösendorfer pianos on them from 42 storeys up.

    • well gee
      I like the part about Killing people
      but not the overpaid part, money is evil you know
      I think I have enough to do just putting together this show
      but gosh, thanks

  • Ed

    This girl singer and the piano – “Chao” – trés cool.

  • yay Sleep Whale

  • Christmas is coming and the bestus album is Squirrel Nut Zippers Christmas Caravan!!! My request for the season and of course Mel Torme- Christmas Song.

    Thank you for making the mundane sunday night frantic after weekend maddness an adventure in sound to ground the soul.

    • guess I shouldnt just ignore the whole xmas season
      okey dokey

  • Cory


    Last Kind Word Blues

    KNEEL BEFORE YOUR KING, radio audience.

  • Anna

    Maybe some Kings of Convenience?

    Loving the show tonight.

    • weird,
      I had some picked out for the show but left it out
      next week fo sho

  • How about playing music from every corner of the world? There is now a new paradigm. It’s not a CD or album, its the first music list of the best new music from everywhere on the planet – in the first best music from myspace and youtube list.
    Play any of the 200 best of the world from the Big List.

    Also Paul I encourage you to stop boycotting the world’s largest all art and media revolution, and all the groups associated with it, and the hundreds and hundreds of artists that are loosely joined together to oppose generic boring music, art, lit, film, theater, etc.
    My opinion is that no music should be blocked from fair play because it’s trying to be honest and simple and new. Thanks.

    • Abe

      When you see crazy coming, cross the street!

  • Russ

    Michelle’s Christmas reference made me think of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Vince Vance & the Valiants. Well-written, well-sung. Think the singer left years ago to me a mum. Maybe later in the month.

  • Holiday slice of Klezmatics happy joyous woody guthrie Chanukka tour!
    Cause December isn’t just for Christmas!

  • next week is probably gonna be heavy on the Zappa
    then we can do some xmas stuff
    a little

  • Russ

    michele, Klezmatics were just on Prairie Home Companion yesterday.

    • Hey Russ,
      They are infectious!

  • Janie

    Great stuff! I will make sure to listen in again-nice to hear your voice again.

  • Abe

    Anything from The Clientele’s new record “Bonfires on the Heath”

    Also, check out Heavenly Blues (Sweden via Texas).
    They have a new LP.

  • Cory

    my terroristic Zappa demands:

    Drowning Witch (specifically, the You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol 3 version)
    Outrage at Valdez (Yellow Shark)
    G-Spot Tornado (Yellow Shark)
    Re-gyptian Strut
    Uncle Bernie’s Farm (Best Christmas song ever)
    The Radio is Broken (because nobody ever plays that, ever)
    Black Napkins
    Pink Napkins
    Watermelon in Easter Hay

  • Cyndi

    @Cory @Paul @whoever gives a crap
    It doesn’t even have to be Paul. I mean, I’m diggin on the Slavens, but his encouragement of the listener to actually influence what is being played (without having to be on some “list”) is AWESOME.
    We’re all looking to discover new sounds, and this is the perfect forum.

    I plan to attend this week’s member’s studio tour, and I will tell anyone that will listen to me just exactly what I think.

    There are 168 hours in a week. It seems silly that only 2 of those hours are devoted to Paul’s format. Umkay.